Female Cartel Assassins Flash Their Weapons & Sexy Bodies

Cartel news site ElBlogDelNarco released 40 photos of the gun-toting sicarias – or female assassins -noting their gold-plated assault rifles and form fitting gear.

Decked in stilettos and tank tops, these women re-define the term “dressed to kill.”
In 2015, one Mexican accountant climbed the ranks of the Arellano Felix cartel that was previously headed by her brothers, becoming the first cartel queen pin.

Enedina Arellano Felix became the first leader of a Mexican cartel in 2015, since then the cartel “queenpin” has normalized female participation in cartel operations.

Mike Vigil, former chief of international operations for the DEA:

“This is not an Equal Opportunity Employer. This is a male dominated field of work. There have been very few women to break that glass ceiling. The few who do have to be just as vicious and skilled as the men.”


Here are a few of the sexy pics of the “alleged” cartel boss ladies.

Courtesy of El Blog del Narco:

To see more pics, visit El Blog Del Narco here

Casey Anthony Starts A Photography Business  

Casey Anthony is apparently setting up — or trying to set up — her very own photography business in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The Daily Mail reports that Anthony filed paperwork with the Florida Department of State for a new business called Case Photography, LLC. The newspaper also caught exclusive photos of Anthony taking pictures of street scenes and buildings with her Canon camera.


“Make sure you get my good side. I’m working here,” she reportedly told their photographer before trying to take pictures of him.

Anthony has reportedly been living with private detective Patrick J. McKenna, 67, the lead investigator on her defense team. The Mail claims her new business is registered to McKenna’s home, as well as her driver’s license.

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On another note, I can still remember the feeling of sheer OUTRAGE from just about everyone who followed the case after she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. 

Check the hilarious video below of the ANGRY GRANDPA reacting to the verdict. Definitely an oldie but goodie!

“You gon FRYYY! Like a scrambled g-damn egg!”


17 Women Who Murdered Their Husbands For Cash


Evelyn Dick. (YouTube)

The female black widow spider devours the male after copulating. In other words, she finds him, fucks him, and then eats him. 

Women who are known as “Black Widow killers” devour their mate’s assets after killing him. She finds him, fucks him, kills him, and then treats herself to his bank account.

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