WATCH: The New Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Bulletproof?


Ok Elon Musk, I am completely sold.

I love this truck! It reminds me of what a futuristic vehicle should look like. I remember thinking by year 2000 we’d be driving spaceships like the Jetsons.

We’re not quite there yet, but the new Tesla Cybertruck is the closest thing to a spaceship we’re getting for now. Check out the video below, it’s also bulletproof to ward off any alien attackers.

Total Judy Jetson whip.

Congress Says Tik Tok Connected to the Cartel?

Weird stuff here. I’m not a Tik Toker but I know how wildly popular the site is. People of all ages and races love the new social media platform, but it’s apparently at risk of being shut down by the US Government.

According to Vice, Congress believes the Chinese based company has strong cartel ties and promotes drug use?

In addition to fierce online resistance and hashtag campaigns, fans have also created a petition in hopes to help save the social media site from cancellation.

I don’t know if Congress will consider, but here is the link to the petition if you’re interested.

And follow Vice News on Tik Tok.

Mobbin With Bee Cavalli

Pay It Forward

Hey Hustlers!

As we celebrate another holiday season let’s remain mindful of those less fortunate during these times.

I’m proud to have partnered with Atlanta Mission over 10 years ago to help provide resources to those in my community who are in need.

If you want to pay it forward, I challenge you to get involved in giving back through local charities or even through your own outreach efforts. Either way the rewards are immeasurable for both you and those who will receive your blessings.

Much love,


WATCH: AirBnb Squatter Refuses to Leave Rental Home; Threatens Owner with Jail

Roommates can be pure hell but imagine renting your home out and the renter refusing to leave at the end of the agreement.

Outside of damage to the property, this has to be one of the most scariest things that could happen to an AirBnb host or landlord.

In the clips below, a renter disrespectfully refuses to leave a rental property and then threatens to send the owner to jail if she tried to do anything about it! She then proceeds to light up a cigarette, blunt or whatever she’s smoking & brazenly snaps at the owner again stating that she’s “not going nowhere”. Unbelievable. I don’t even want to think about what I would do in this situation. Talk about a prisoner in your own home.

It’s crazy out here. In my younger days I’ve had my fair share of crazy roommates but nothing beats this. It’s amazing how people feel comfortable just moving into someone’s house and REFUSING TO LEAVE, especially when you are not a live in tenant but apparently there’s plenty who do this. I pray I never have to have a roommate ever again.

This reminds of the Netflix series I just watched called “Worst Roommate Ever” which chronicles stories just like this one, except those stories ended in murder.

I’d be interested to see how story this ends.

Have you ever had a horrible experience such as this with a renter or roommate?