Former Miss America Auctions Off Crown to Help Teachers Affected by The Pandemic

This is such an admirable story. Every girl knows what a big deal winning Miss America is. That glistening bejeweled crown has to be considered the most prized keepsake for any pageant queen.

The fact that this queen is willing to give up her beloved crown for the benefit of others is true QUEEN behavior. For all the fellas reading this, the beauty crown is equivalent to a super bowl or championship ring. It is the pinnacle of achievement for us girls. Imagine Tom Brady or Lebron selling one of their rings for charity. The proceeds would probably fetch millions.

The Insider — Former Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur is making history by auctioning off a Miss America crown for the first time, ahead of the pageant’s 100th anniversary in order to help teachers financially affected by the pandemic.

Van Derbur, 84, told The Washington Post that her crown is one of her “most prized possessions.” Anyone who knows a Miss America knows that a crown is the most special thing that she would personally own.”

The 1958 pageant winner will place her Swarovski crystal-covered crown and its matching bracelet on the auction block at an opening price of $20,000.

Van Derbur plans to use the proceeds from the souvenirs, which she initially intended to pass to her daughter, to help disadvantaged teachers in Denver, Colorado.

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Black Professionals Hesitant on Returning Back into Office Workplaces

CBS NEWS — Polls suggest some employees are content to be back at their desks, Black workers told CBS MoneyWatch that being in a predominantly White workplaces often exacts an emotional toll. Working from home offers a measure of inner peace and even helps them do their jobs better.

Such sentiments are common among people of color, including in corporate America. For decades, Black and Hispanic employees have reported feeling marginalized at work and being relegated to lower-paying roles even when their credentials qualify them for a higher-level position.

Black women, in particular, say a typical workday often requires looking past microaggressions from co-workers, ignoring flippant comments about their natural hairstyles or suppressing emotions lest they be labeled an “angry black woman.”

As a black woman and mid level professional in the Construction industry, I can attest that everything this article is stating is facts.

I started working from home approximately 2 years before Covid and I really can’t imagine ever going back into an office environment. The convenience & flexibility are definitely beneficial, but for me the privacy aspect is the main gain.

My staunch work ethic always allowed me to rise pretty fast within the ranks of the corporate world but ‘fitting in’ with various company cultures is something that I had a hard time adjusting to. I started my career very young, skipping college and hoping the workforce. I did eventually go back to college 10 years post high school, so I didn’t have tolerance for the workplace shenanigans. I made sure I kept things social but I wasn’t there to meet friends or group chat. I just wanted to bury my head in my computer and get to work.

Working from home allows me the luxury of not having to physically see or entertain people daily. Working with people over the computer or phone is a piece of cake. Honestly I feel I am far more productive and I even find myself willingly working longer hours — to the benefit of the company.

What about you? Are you a professional who would rather work from home than going back into the office? Or would you rather go into the office environment daily or intermittently? Why or why not?

Sign the Petition: Support Medical Cannabis

Generally, I try to stay away from forcing my own personal and political views but this is a movement I can definitely get behind.

I really believe that everything we need in terms of survival is already provided from the earth. The essentials. I believe that vitamins & herbals are the key to strong vitality & health. And so on.

That being said, I 100% support legalizing medical cannabis and insurance companies should help cover the cost of treatments.

Check out the touching story on CHANGE.ORG behind the reason for this petition and while you’re there, please drop your signature.

I’d like to see it reach millions.

Women Are Stockpiling Online Abortion Pills Due to Controversial Texas Abortion Ban

The Insider — After the recent passing of SB 8 in Texas— the most restrictive abortion law in the US to date — abortion experts and advocacy organizations are preparing for a future where abortions are sought online. Although the Texas ban was temporarily blocked by a federal judge, it has now been reinstated. And experts view the bill as a harbinger of the bans to come.

The pandemic has helped set the stage for mail-order abortion. This past April, the Food and Drug Administration began allowing the mail distribution of mifepristone — a medication taken along with misoprostol to induce an abortion up to 11 weeks. This ruling allowed for new research, which foundthat a self-managed abortion was equally as safe and effective as obtaining the pills from a clinic.

While medication abortion has long been recognized as safer than common medications such as Tylenol and Viagra, these two turning points, in tandem with the onslaught of anti-abortion bills, signal a future in the US in which mail-order abortions could become the norm. Read more on The Insider.

Wow! I have never in all my life heard of an abortion pill.

I have some pretty pointed opinions regarding abortion & government. Personally, I feel like the government has no right to regulate a woman’s body, ie: abortions.

It’s more a morality thing for me. What’s your thoughts?