GoFundMe Fundraisers Created for Atlanta Mass Shooting Survivors

Photo Credit: Yahoo News / Deion Patterson

On May 3, 2023 evil and tragedy hit Atlanta in the form of another mass style shooting. What’s alarming for me is the location was less than 2 miles from my office in Midtown. Luckily I was working remotely and not in the office. Word of an active shooter sent the city into absolute mayhem.

23-year-old Lutha Matundu said she hasn’t been back to work since the shooting on May 3 (2023).

Check out what she explained happened to Atlanta’s Channel 2 News that horrific day Deion Duwane Patterson showed up late at Northside Hospital for an appointment. In the end, one person was killed and 4 others were injured.

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WATCH: Victor Hill Cops a Private Jet to Serve His Federal Prison Sentence in Alabama

Victor Hill arrives to a private jet awaiting to take him to Alabama prison.

Lol! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Victor Hill is back with more spectacular spectacles. Never one to shy from controversy or the cameras, the former sheriff films himself arriving for a private jet flight to serve his prison sentence.

I have to tell ya, this one is one for the history books. I’m sure the critics are screaming. Not to mention Alabama is literally like a two or three hour drive from Atlanta but I digress.

In the 30 second video, Hill showed up as if he was headed for a business meeting in Cancun and not federal prison. The cameras so happened to be present as he casually strolled up to his awaiting plane in a Hawaiian Aloha button down, flip flop sandals, shades and a briefcase while talking on the phone.

Once on board Hill turns to greet his public with a wave and peace sign.

Gotta love this stuff. Welcome to Atlanta — the home of strip clubs and stunts. This one takes the cake.

Cash App Founder Bob Lee’s Killer Says He Used Cocaine and Attended Wild Sex Parties

Photo Credit: The San Francisco Standard

We’re still waiting on a tangible motive as to why Cash App founder Bob Lee was knifed down and left to die on a San Francisco street.

According to the news a suspect has been charged in connection to the murder. His alleged killer was a man who also worked in the tech industry. Nima Momeni, has been charged with his murder but the motive seems extremely suspicious.

Rumors of Bob Lee’s private life have surfaced with allegations of rampant cocaine use & sex fueled swinger parties for the elite. Honestly this is not surprising news and certainly nothing worthy of murder.

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