Cash App Founder Killed in San Francisco Stabbing

Bob Lee

It’s getting wilder and wilder out here. Bob Lee, the creator of the mobile payment service CASH APP, was fatally stabbed and left to die on a San Francisco street.

For those outside of the UK and USA, CASH APP allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. It’s hugely popular in the states giving companies like Western Union and Moneygram a “run for the money”.

Lee also had his hands in the cryptocurrency market.

As of now there are no clues as to why this tragedy occurred and no one has been held responsible for the murder.

It will be interesting to find out what happened here. It’s not everyday top executives are attacked and killed in street crime fashion. Crime analysts say stabbings are usually committed by someone the victim knows because of it’s personal nature.

Check back for more as this story unfolds. The crypto market has become quite dangerous. According to Grit Daily, 5 crypto billionaires and millionaires died in 2022. There have since been others.

NBC Bay Area — A high-profile Bay Area tech executive was killed in a stabbing in San Francisco.

Sources tell NBC Bay Area Bob Lee was attacked early Tuesday morning near Rincon Hill and the Bay Bridge.

Lee, 43, was the chief product officer of MobileCoin. He was also former chief technology officer of Square and one of the co-founders of Cash App.

Officers responded at about 2:35 a.m. to a report of a stabbing in the 300 block of Main Street and arrived to find Lee, who was taken to a hospital and succumbed to his injuries there.

WATCH: Panama Man Gets Stabbed in Street Fight

The violence is real in Panama.

In the video below, two guys are having some sort of altercation when all of a sudden one pulls out a butcher knife and plunges it into the other man’s chest. Wow.

I have no idea the backstory.

WATCH: Gangster Grandma Gets Walmart Together About Her Money

From what I gathered the customer, Ms. Cynthia Burton, was charged $649.00 by Walmart in error. The manager said it would be 5 business days before the finds could be refunded. Anybody would be upset. Wouldn’t you?

SN: I purchased a television from Walmart online and once it was delivered it was too small for my liking so I returned it to the store. It took all of 7 days to get my money back on my credit card! Talking about pissed!

The police officer realized early on that he should just stay out of it. Lol.

Hell hath not an ounce of fury like a black woman scorned. Don’t play with her intelligence or her money!

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