WATCH: Authorities Find Alleged Drug Cartel Money Stash Worth Millions

Alleged drug cartel money

Ok guys so how much CASH IS TOO MUCH CASH?

I snatched this video from Twitter and I am in complete aw and disbelief and love. I’m having extreme mixed emotions. I don’t know wether to freak out or be in lust… imagine having access to this kind of mulah.

Everyone knows I love money but this might be too much cash. I wouldn’t be able to trust a soul with this kind of money not even to guard it. How the hell would you know if any was missing?

Twitter claims this is drug money. I cannot confirm those claims but it’s not a far stretch seeing as cartels are known to make billions. Guesstimates are as high as $500 billion/year. Who knows the actual total but I can’t imagine the souls and tragedies tied to this money. All drug money is dirty, the drug game is the dirtiest.

If you had to guess how much do you think is in the stash? Who do you think it belongs to?

I’ll shoot my shot and say El Chapo?

WATCH: Memphis Craig Petties Gang

Check out this documentary. Al Profit goes behind the scenes of the Memphis based gang of drug trafficker Craig Petties.

In 2009, Petties pleaded guilty to 19 charges related to his role as the ringleader of one of the largest drug trafficking organizations ever prosecuted in West Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee Department of Justice, Petties and the other members of his criminal racketeering enterprise conspired with cocaine traffickers in Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

Petties grew up poor in the South Memphis Riverside neighborhood but went from rags to riches by creating a huge drug empire and ordering the murders of people in his way.

He was living like a rock star with a driver, personal trainer, chef and nanny when police caught him in Mexico in 2008.

Petties worked with the Mexican cartel and had been on the run for years.

Being from the south and having friends from the Memphis area, I am very familiar the Craig Petties gang. They were very active during the early to mid and even late 2000’s, around the height of Detroit’s Big Meech & BMF, Jamaica’s Dudus & the Shower Posse… even Mexico’s El Chapo & the cartel. Actually, El Chapo is said to be one of Petties’ major plugs who helped him move drugs throughout Tennessee and the entire south.

If you’re from any of the Southwestern and Southeastern states chances are you know. And if you know – you know!

In 2013, Petties was sentenced to NINE life sentences in federal prison. During his sentencing he apologized.

“I apologize to my family and the victims’ family for the decisions I made in my life that put me here in this situation.”

Click here to see the most recent photo of photo of Petties while in prison.

Wife of Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Sentencing Delayed in Drug Conspiracy Case

The wife of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was due to be sentenced this month but according to ABC Chicago News, her court date has been delayed.

Former beauty queen, turned drug felon, Emma Coronel, already pleaded guilty this summer in a cartel conspiracy but mysteriously her Washington, D.C. sentencing date was just put off for one month.

In June, Emma Coronel pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute narcotics and financial crimes. She was to be sentenced in two weeks; facing ten years in prison to life; a far more consequential punishment for a 31-year-old perhaps than her 64-year-old drug lord husband.

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