WATCH: Victor Hill Cops a Private Jet to Serve His Federal Prison Sentence in Alabama

Victor Hill arrives to a private jet awaiting to take him to Alabama prison.

Lol! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Victor Hill is back with more spectacular spectacles. Never one to shy from controversy or the cameras, the former sheriff films himself arriving for a private jet flight to serve his prison sentence.

I have to tell ya, this one is one for the history books. I’m sure the critics are screaming. Not to mention Alabama is literally like a two or three hour drive from Atlanta but I digress.

In the 30 second video, Hill showed up as if he was headed for a business meeting in Cancun and not federal prison. The cameras so happened to be present as he casually strolled up to his awaiting plane in a Hawaiian Aloha button down, flip flop sandals, shades and a briefcase while talking on the phone.

Once on board Hill turns to greet his public with a wave and peace sign.

Gotta love this stuff. Welcome to Atlanta — the home of strip clubs and stunts. This one takes the cake.

Former Atlanta ClayCo Sheriff Victor Hill Ordered to Federal Prison

Former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill
Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal Constitution

If you are from Atlanta you probably know about Victor Hill — at best you probably know of him. He’s definitely no stranger to controversy. His career in law enforcement included 4 terms and spanned almost 2 decades, beginning in 2005.

Hill’s time as sheriff in Clayton County, (known as ClayCo if you’re from Atlanta) south of Atlanta, has been riddled with controversy. On his first day as sheriff, he fired more than two dozen deputies. He also used a military tank on drug raids as part of a tough-on-crime message.

He was voted out of office in 2008, but won it back again in 2012 despite facing more than two dozen criminal charges in a corruption case. A jury later acquitted him of all 27 charges, including theft and giving false statements. That cleared the way for Hill to continue as sheriff.

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WATCH: Bystander Footage of Texas Mall Shooter After Being Killed by Authorities

Bystander footage shows the corpse of the mall shooter who opened fire on unsuspecting customers including small children in Allen, Texas. The shootings happened in broad daylight on Saturday May, 6 2023 as people went about their day shopping at a local outlet mall.

As of now there is still very little known about the shooter or the motive.

Watching some of the videos of during and after the killings is absolutely horrifying.

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