Christian Cipollini Presents: “Lucky” — A Gangster Comic

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Author and crime historian Christian Cipollini is back with a new biographic novel and of course I had to share. He has teamed with Gorilla Convict to present this inventive masterpiece that only a true crime buff can appreciate.

I had the pleasure of receiving an advance copy of the comic storybook “LUCKY” which chronicles the rise and fall of the Italian mafia’s bad boy Lucky Luciano. The press packet also contains a book trailer which brings the project to life.

The graphic novel, which is now on Kickstarter, is illustrated by Yevgeniy Franstev.

If you grew enjoying comic books, this comic will bring back a bit of nostalgia. It has an incredibly vivid and colorful visual layout. The story line is intriguing and engaging from start to finish. Of course anything featuring the mafia is always going to be compelling.

Mix a little comic with a little gangster and bada bing! You’ve got LUCKY.

Check back later for a more in-depth review but in the meantime check out the official book trailer and become a backer.

Pre-Order “Investing in Yourself” by Freeway Ricky

Photo Source: Facebook/Freeway Ricky

Reformed drug trafficker turned best selling author, Rick “Freeway Ricky” Ross is back with some new gems on how to invest in yourself.

I don’t know about you but I could use this message right about now. I’m sure there is plenty of knowledge in this book as Freeway Rick collected millions upon millions during his drug dealing heyday.

Since his release from federal prison, he has become a motivational speaker, businessman and author traveling all over the globe sharing his life story to encourage others.

To me, that’s a definitely a success story.

If you are looking for a little motivation and would like to preorder a copy of the book, head over to

They say criminals make the best teachers once they go legit. I tend to agree.

For 22 bucks, I’m willing to find out.

Check back for the book review.

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