WATCH: Sonya Miller Talks Divorce From Master P

Sonya Miller, the ex wife of southern rap entrepreneur, Percy “Master P” Miller, is spilling the beans on her messy divorce from the No Limit mogul. 

In the interview, the former Mrs. Miller dismissed her ex husband’s accusations of drug abuse and admitted that the breakup has negatively affected her relationship with her children. 

According to TMZ, she filed a lawsuit against her son Romeo for $67 million, in which she denies. [Catch that backstory here] She says she loves her children and is sorry that they got entangled into the nasty divorce from their father.

A former aspiring female rapper, she also reminisced about her days as a hip hop artist named, “Sonya C” and referred to herself as rap mogul who helped create No Limit records. She said she and “P” met and fell in love in high school. They were married 24 years.

She plans to release a book about her life as the “First Lady of No Limit” in the near future.

Check out the interview below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Miami Rapper Trina Goes All The Way Live On IG Live



So everybody knows I really do not feature rap beef here but I couldn’t resist this story, mainly because I adore Trina.

Yesterday, the rap beauty aka the Diamond Princess, came off her throne to throw to a few stones on IG Live and the internet streets were thorough-ly entertained.

Despite her notoriously raw and raunchy lyrics, onlookers were shocked to see the self proclaimed “Queen of Miami” turn all the way up because she normally doesn’t engage in rap beefs and is rarely associated with any female drama.

I thought all “hood chicks” loved Trina, I mean what is there not to love? She definitely raised a whole generation from about 1998 until now.

Clearly Miss Trina doesn’t take too kindly to her name being thrown around by the local peasants artists, so when this aspiring Miami rapper hopped on social media and posted the following, the end result was verbal slaughter.

Dear Music Industry, Trina is not the only female Rap Artist in MIAMI!! YALL SLEEP ON THE OTHER Female Mc’s  from da #MIA..#IJS #CHE

Then this happened:

Word on the street is that Trina will be appearing on the rumoured newest installment of our favorite hip hop rachetery, Love and Hip Hop: Miami and all of this drama is to create a more entertaining storyline for the show.

Personally I really don’t think that Trina needs to beef with anyone for a storyline, she’s been in the game for years and she can bring alot to the series on her own merits.

Check out this throwback Trina interview on of her vehemently denying that she would be signing on to be apart of the franchise because she already had an established career and she wasn’t with the wig pulling and shoe throwing.

Maybe she changed her mind?

What do you think? Would you like to see the Diamond Princess make her reality tv debut on Love and Hip Hop? I think she would certainly add some swagg sauce to the set. –Maybe too much sauce!

Trina’s new album “The One” is out September 8.

Check out her latest collabo with fellow Miami artist, Trick Daddy:

Wives Of El Chapo’s Cartel Say They Regret The Lives Their Husbands Lived


The “Flores wives” speak out against the cartel in Fox News interview

Wives of the newly released book, “Cartel Wives” speak out to denounce the former lifestyle in which their ex-husbands, who were twin brothers, allegedly made billions of dollars for the Sinaloa cartel — under the reign of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The wives, who spoke exclusively to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge in full disguise, say they live in constant fear of retaliation by the cartel. The formerly kept women are now kept under witness protection as their husbands became federal informants for the US government in the highly publicized upcoming trial against Guzman for his alleged international drug crimes.

The trial is set to begin April of 2018.

The wives who have assumed the alias names of Mia and Olivia Flores, say they are deeply regretful for the lives that their ex-husbands led and they hope that by telling their stories it will help mend the devastation that the “cartel life” caused to communities and families.

Hip Hop Soul Queen Mary J Blige Speaks On Her Divorce From Cheating Husband

Mary J. Blige stopped by Power 105 and opened up about her divorce, her new album and more with The Breakfast Club.

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Mike Pence vs Tim Kaine: What to Watch For In The Vice Presidential Debate

A record 84 million people watched the first face-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last week. And those who tuned in for a spectacle were not disappointed. By comparison, the matchup tonight between their respective No. 2s should pack all the excitement of a televised taste test between Triscuits and Wheat Thins.

Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine—similarly earnest, avuncular figures, born a year apart, both with experience in Congress and as chief executives of their respective states but without big national profiles—will likely each turn in a competent performance tonight. (The two take the stage at 9 p.m. E.ST., at Longwood University in Farmville, Va., and the event will be broadcast by CBS.)

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