WATCH: “Drain the Oceans: Rise of the Mob” Trailer

Photo Source: Youtube/Past Preservers

Author Christian Cipollini is one of my very favorite crime historians. I watch his shows, I read his books — I love his fashions! The guy has great style.

“Cip” (as I so affectionately call him) has participated in numerous television projects lending his expertise on organized crime and the inner workings of the Italian mafia.

His newest project, “Drain the Oceans: Rise of the Mob” takes a deep dive into mob history — literally.

I would spoil it and tell you what it’s all about but luckily there is a trailer so you can see for yourself.

If you’re like me and love organized crime based documentaries, make sure to set your DVR for this one. The episode will premiere on both National Geographic and Hulu networks.

Check for local listings.

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Pre-Order “Investing in Yourself” by Freeway Ricky

Photo Source: Facebook/Freeway Ricky

Reformed drug trafficker turned best selling author, Rick “Freeway Ricky” Ross is back with some new gems on how to invest in yourself.

I don’t know about you but I could use this message right about now. I’m sure there is plenty of knowledge in this book as Freeway Rick collected millions upon millions during his drug dealing heyday.

Since his release from federal prison, he has become a motivational speaker, businessman and author traveling all over the globe sharing his life story to encourage others.

To me, that’s a definitely a success story.

If you are looking for a little motivation and would like to preorder a copy of the book, head over to

They say criminals make the best teachers once they go legit. I tend to agree.

For 22 bucks, I’m willing to find out.

Check back for the book review.

Haiti Deteriorates Day by Day Due to Political Unrest

Photo Credit: Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica GleanerPORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – The United Nations issued an urgent appeal for increased humanitarian access and resources for Haiti, stating that the humanitarian situation across the French speaking CARICOM country continues to deteriorate “day by day”.

They said this was “due to a spiral of violence, emergencies related to protection, human rights and food insecurity as well as an epidemic of cholera.”

In a statement, following a two day mission, the acting Director of Operations and Advocacy Division of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Tareq Talahma said “we cannot let Haiti become a forgotten crisis.”

In 2019, protests and unrest in Haiti became a crisis. I traveled to the country to work with humanitarian group BENEFIT HAITI and during this time the country was in complete ruins with fierce protesting of then president, Jovenel Moïse.

Check out some footage:

In the early morning of 7 July 2021, Moïse was assassinated, and his wife Martine was injured during an attack on their private residence in Pétion-Ville. Claude Joseph took control of the country as acting prime minister following the assassination of Moïse.

Congress Says Tik Tok Connected to the Cartel?

Weird stuff here. I’m not a Tik Toker but I know how wildly popular the site is. People of all ages and races love the new social media platform, but it’s apparently at risk of being shut down by the US Government.

According to Vice, Congress believes the Chinese based company has strong cartel ties and promotes drug use?

In addition to fierce online resistance and hashtag campaigns, fans have also created a petition in hopes to help save the social media site from cancellation.

I don’t know if Congress will consider, but here is the link to the petition if you’re interested.

And follow Vice News on Tik Tok.

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