BMF: Lil Meech Heads Off to College

Looks like Lil Meech, son of Black Mafia Family boss, Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory is heading off to college this fall.

Lil Meech posted the following picture to his InstaStory. “First Day of College Wish Me Luck” [sp].

Congrats Lil Meech! We need more stories such as this. College is not for everyone, but hopefully this will influence more young men to take up education or training. There’s a million ways to make money but knowledge is key.

Check out this interview of him discussing his father’s legacy.

BMF: 50 Cent Threatens Starz Network With Taking His Black Mafia Family Show To Another Network

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50 Cent let it be known to his fans that his long awaited BMF TV series is still coming and the delay is not all his fault.

50 said that they are still shooting the pilot and he has re written it 5 times and fired a few writers, but he also puts blame on Starz for dragging their feet on this BMF project.

[In a IG post that has now been deleted] 50 also let Starz know he has no problem leaving and taking his show elsewhere.

Speaking of the show, check out this snippet of “Lil Meech” – son of Demtrius “Big Meech” Flenory, talking about playing his dad in the upcoming television series.

BMF: Lil Meech Reveals How He Found Out That His Dad Was The Head Of The Black Mafia Family

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” Lil Meech stops by to dish on his upcoming role in 50 Cent’s forthcoming BMF series.

As previously reported Big Meech, the incarcerated head of BMF, personally gave permission to 50 Cent to bring the story of BMF’s empire to Starz.

Now Lil Meech is slated to portray his famed father in the show, and he recently told Bossip that his family originally shielded him from knowing his father’s true identity.

When asked if he remembered how old he was when he realized his dad was this huge legend especially in Atlanta, Lil Meech said:

“I always saw BMF, BMF, everywhere but he always kept me out of that way. All I remember is him taking me out and showing me nice stuff and we’d have my big birthday parties.

“One day at school I got curious and searched BMF on the internet and I found out everything. I read Wikipedia, I found out everything for myself because my family didn’t want to tell me.”

He also recalled the most extravagant party his father ever threw for him.

“I think it was my 5th or 6th birthday party, he actually had this dude dress up in a Spiderman suit and he got on top of my roof. He was doing all these tricks, I really thought he was Spiderman.”

See the interview here: BMF: Lil Meech Says This Is How He Found Out That His Dad Was The Head Of The Black Mafia Family [Video] — Bossip

Lil Meech Talks The Black Mafia Family – Full Interview 

Check out the full length interview with Lil Meech, son of BMF’s Big Meech, and 4 sho Entertainment.

In Part 1 of the interview, Lil Meech reminisced about his childhood memories with his infamous father and his plans to produce music.

He also talks about Internet imposters on social media seeking to gain notoriety by claiming to be him. He assures that he is the one & only son of the former kingpin. 

Follow ‘Lil Meech’ on Twitter and IG for exclusive childhood pics of him with his father, as well as him living the lifestyle kicking it with various celebrities and friends.

Rap Star Jeezy Brings Out Big Meech’s Mom During Detroit Concert

As he detailed in his verse on the “Hustlin” remix, Jeezy knows the real Big Meech, and with Mother’s Day still on the mind, the Snowman brought out Meech’s mother at a recent show in Detroit. The on-stage gesture and backstage interactions were well documented on Instagram, with Jeezy, Meech’s mom and Meech’s son all posting photos from the eventful evening.

Jeezy wrote:

“Me and momma meech laughed all nite catching up. Im her other son.”  

Meech’s mother meanwhile captioned her own post with:

 “We Had a Good Long Talk After the Concert ..Talk About Old Times With The Fam in Atlanta .. Cali.. St.Louis.. Florida..’My Son ‘Big Meech’ Called On the Phone And it Was So Good to Talk to Meech.”

While he is currently imprisoned, Big Meech was a big supporter of Jeezy’s music career, and it’s clear that the Atlanta rapper hasn’t soon forgotten the endorsement. Jeezy last released Church In These Streets back in November, and performed a limited time concert series in support before taking things further on the road.

More recently, Jeezy appeared on Chris Brown’s “Wrist (Remix)” alongside Young Thug, and made his entire mixtape discography available to download courtesy of The Mixtape Lab. Peep the photos of Jeezy with Big Meech’s mother and son both above and below. It looks like the love was shared throughout, with Jeezy even commenting that Meech’s son had gotten so big since he last saw him.

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Here is Jeezy with Lil Meech, Big Meech’s son:

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