BMF Series: Casting Raw Talent 

Remember when I wrote that if Executive Producer 50 Cent wanted to make this Black Mafia Family project a monumental success, then he would need to:

A.) consult with the heads of BMF, Big Meech & Terry every step of the way — AND — B.) consult with the hood for talent and a co-sign.  

Welp, it looks like I might have been right on point with my predictions. Ms. Flenory, the mother of Big Meech & Terry posted on Twitter stating that her sons want 50 to find raw talent to portray their life stories.

Check back in for more info as it becomes available, including casting dates & locations!



  1. I am Mal-jay from Miami Florida I would love to try out for one of the rolls on your BMF project I am also a rap artist and actor my movie tangled web came out premiered last week call me 954-513-0525 I’m ready I will nail this role I have met them before I used to open shows for Bleu Davinci


  2. My name is Reflexx, a lot of people just call me Flexx in the hood. Just hearing about Fifty casting raw talent from the hood has me open and excited for an opportunity like this. Acting is something I’ve always wanted to do and I believe I can flourish and shine naturally. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes! Have a great day and please keep me informed. Thank you… Reflexx


      1. is casting call for this started yet, I have a 18yr old son who wants o give it a shoot. We just relocated from st louis, mo to las vegas. Travel is not an issue.
        please reach out to us.

        His name is Anthony Deron and my name is Monique


  3. Hello my name is Rhaze’ I’m from the Bx NY. I would love to audition for a role on the show. I think its remarkable that 50 Cent and Big Meech are giving people an oppurtunity like this… Please keep the public posted 50..


  4. Brandycavalli first ill like to say thank you for allowing us a chance for an great opportunity..
    My name is Darius
    Ive been in and out of jail in my life, behind the addiction of selling drugs needing and wanting money to provide for myself and my family in NYC
    I have two sons now Darius Jr 10 and Damitrius 2.
    Thats a little about myself,
    I read that it was an open casting with no agents required and couldnt hold back from a possible life changing opportunity…
    Please contact me back…
    Thank you for allowing us to level up…


  5. I’m from St. Louis. I would love to be a part of the cast members. I’m 30 but look young. I’m a lady but I’m a thug. I grew up in a high crime neighborhood. I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime. I thank the MOST HIGH for being here everyday and I thank you all for this opportunity to maybe leave poverty.


  6. I’m from the Bronx NY but am willing to travel wherever this will take place… Will love an opportunity to be part of this project cant wait to know the dates and location, please keep us posted!


  7. I am not sure if I am to late to audition for the BMF series. Hopefully, I’m not. I would love to audition, if you can please share any information on how to submit video audition or when & where is the open casting. I would appreciate it Greatly!
    Thanks in Advance


  8. I hope I’m not too late my name is MacMurdoc I’m on Facebook , instagram, twitter ! I’m from Detroit I’m interested an I believe I got what it takes an would luv to audition for this opportunity! If u can share any information on how or where to audition! Thanks in advance peace


  9. I’m hearing rumors about possible auditions! I will keep my ears open for more buzz about it. Thanks for the opportunity to fulfill a dream. “BLOOD FLOW”


  10. I been keeping my focus on this BMF series since I heard about it in August. I know for a fact I’m perfect for this opportunity. I’m 24 from West side st.louis my heart was own by the street for 10 years age 12 -22. If I’m blessed with this opportunity you would not regret it and I will bring all my old negative ways back to life for the camera. I’m the diamond in the ruff you’re looking for.


  11. I keep hearing about auditions im a Atlanta native i go by Lil Hott i grew up around BMF a lot of them took me in when i was in the streets and learned a lot from expstreets. When is casting i dont even need a script trust me.


  12. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the BMF momvement. I have to read for a part.l! I have to be apart of this! I am the diamond in the dirt you’re looking for!


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