BMF: Industry Thot Posts Lil Meech Sex Tape

So industry passé round Celina Powell is at it again this time attempting to expose Lil Meech of “BMF” just one day or so after he went public with his new relationship with R&B songstress Summer Walker.

First she posted the pic above to her IG then she posted the sex tape.

First of all wouldn’t this be considered revenge porn? This screams of typical bitter side chick revenge tactics. I don’t miss these days one bit.

Second I’m here for the Summer Walker/Lil Meech connect. I love them both. They’re both young and doing their thing and apparently having fun. I see no issues here.

I was not able to check out the tape but apparently it can be found on Celina Powell’s which I’m definitely not willing to pay for. Lol.

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Haitian Vigilante Mob Burn Gang Members Alive

Photo Credit: NY POST / Port Au Prince Haiti

Ok folks.

Haitian gang violence has officially hit cartel levels of violence. On a scale from 1-10 this would be about a 20.

According to NY POST, vigilante mobs are now burning rivals alive in the middle of the streets and nobody is there to stop it.

Haitian officials have long acknowledged the country’s economic deterioration. Due to a widespread humanitarian crisis, the Haitian government has admitted its ineffectiveness to prevent the surges in street crime which includes kidnappings, death threats, murders, armed robberies, home break-ins and car-jacking. Citizens are essentially helpless with little to no protection against the brutality.

Authorities reported 2,183 homicides and 1,359 kidnappings in 2022, almost double the number of cases for the previous year.

Check out this article as bystanders look on in horror at the bodies of alleged gang members that were set on fire by a vigilante mob in the Canape Vert area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

What the hell can be done to stop this?

According to AP News, “increasingly sophisticated weapons are being trafficked into Haiti mainly from the United States and especially from Florida amid worsening lawlessness in the impoverished Caribbean nation”.

Masked Gunmen Storm Mexican Water Resort Killing 7, Including a Child

Photo Credit: Reuters

The Mexican cartel is being blamed for storming a water park, in Cortazar, Guanajuato state, Mexico.

A video posted on social media shows several people in swimsuits running about crying, screaming and hugging their children.

The video taken soon after the attack showed shocked adults and children walking past piles of dead bodies near a swimming pool.

It was not clear exactly who was behind the shooting that killed the seven-year-old, three men and three women, Cortazar’s local security department said. One person was seriously injured in the La Palma resort.

“Heavily armed sicarios arrived and this is what happened,” said an unidentified man, using a word for hired assassins as he filmed at the resort in the video shared on the internet.

Mexican soldiers and police aided by a helicopter were searching for the attackers.

According to Reuters, Guanajuato, an agricultural and industrial hub, has been Mexico’s most violent state for years. The Jalisco New Generation drug cartel has been fighting with local criminal groups, including the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, which is apparently backed by the Sinaloa cartel.

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