Dope Flix: Fawzia Fuad Of Egypt


Aunt Shirleen Debuts Her New Single: GODak Red

Somebody tell Cardi B the streets ain’t safe!

Shirleen is coming fresh from the “church senior talent show” for that #1 spot with her new single, “GODak Red.”

“They wanna know where I shop, I tell em pray and ask God.. “

*praying hands emoji*

Absolutely hysterical. 

Follow the actor & producer of these gutt busting skits Christianee Porter on her journey to becoming the next big star. I can’t believe nobody has signed her yet…. Can’t you see her in a Madea play or movie?… Her style is unique and I love how she plays different characters but Shirleen will always be my favorite. Give this girl a multimillion dollar deal!!! (Hint: Tyler Perry, Oprah…) 

This young lady is brilliant. I appreciate her sharing gift through the gift of laughter. I can’t get enough of her! 

Dope Tweetz: Rocket Man & FriendsĀ 

If you’re having a bad day, check out this video of Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin rocking out to Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk.”

Aunt Shirleen Warns Women Of The Dangers Of Fake Butts

Atlanta’s Aunt Shirleen is back and she is on a mission to rescue her niece “Prosperity” from the strip club after her “butt fell off while she was dancing and a man had to catch it before it hit the ground and got contaminated.”

“It looked tender to the touch!” Lol…

Pure comedy. 

WATCH: Prison Inmates Smoke Flakka Dope And Eat Live Rats

Absolutely disgusting. I almost barfed up my egg sandwich attempting to screenshot this nonsense. 
I could only make it through about the first 20 seconds. 

If you’ve got a weak stomach, don’t even watch….

YUCK. Stay away from drugs little boys and girls.