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Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

Singer Kelly Price Reported Missing Since August From Georgia Home

Initially there were reports that Kelly had been found safe, but her older sister called in to the Larry Ried Live show and said until the family hears from her directly, she’s still missing.

Super weird. As adults we have the right to unplug from the world, I just hope wherever she is, she’s safe.

Dope Tweetz: Are Prisons Extorting the Prisoners?

Any thoughts on this?

I always say prison is punishment and nothing they do is for the benefit of the prisoner…. they don’t even offer rehabilitation programs anymore. Seems the system’s main concern is solely money. Prison labor is a billion dollar industry. Some call it modern day slavery. I would agree but staying out of prison seems like the ideal way to avoid the enslavement and/or extortion.

On the flip, there does seem to be a prison pipeline set in place for brown and black boys in particular. It’s such a complicated issue. I’d love to open up dialogue about it.


Gorillas Perform Oral Sex at Bronx Zoo

Patrons of the Bronx zoo got a little more entertainment than what they paid for when two gorillas decided to relieve some sexual tension in full view of the horrified onlookers.

To parents’ horror, a girl gorilla goes in for what appeared to be a hug and instead laid the boy gorilla down and gives him head.

The boy gorilla seemed to be enjoying himself as he laid back and wrapped his hands around her head. Gotta love the animal kingdom.

I can’t post the video on social media since I just got off of restriction for posting “nudity”.

So check it out below.

Tennessee Teen Kills His Mother Because She Took His Cellphone

OMG new millennium parenting has got to be extremely difficult. This is the grim reality of the challenges today’s parents face… discipline your child & possibly lose your life as a result. What gives? How did we end up here?

Petty Couple Divorces & Divide Up Beanie Babies in Court

Divorce can be extremely petty. This level of petty takes the cake! I will admit, Beanie Babies were golden in the 90s. People swore they were collectors’ items and would be worth thousands one day, probably by now. So far they seem to be a thing in the past, but who knows.

On another note, they say you never really know who you’re married to until you get a divorce.

What’s the pettiest divorce story you’ve heard?