Catch That Theory: Marilyn & The Mob?


The mysterious and salacious death of Marilyn Monroe will forever be the basis of endless theories about her dealings with the Kennedy family & the underworld.

Known to keep the company of some of the world’s most powerful men of her time, Marilyn’s sorted lovelife, inundated with scandal, still intrigues over 50 years after her seemingly untimely death on August 4, 1962.

Many reports suggest that Marilyn spent her last night alive with Chicago mafia boss, Sam Giancana. The story gets sketchy because Monroe was supposedly having an affair with Robert “Bobby” Kennedy. She was also allegedly having an affair with his older brother, John F. Kennedy aka “Mr President”. There was ongoing bad blood between Giancana, the mafia & the Kennedys.

The real question here is was Marilyn Monroe’s life cut short due to the bad blood of her company?


Now here is a scandal that not even Hollywood producers could have cooked up for television –especially during that time period. Keep in mind there are many conspiracy theories about what happened to the infamous blonde haired bombshell and I will probably touch on most of them, just because I love a good conspiracy theory. This particular post covers one theory of why it is believed the mafia “got rid of Marilyn“.

The biggest question surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death is whether or not she committed suicide or if she was murdered. Reports claim that she was murdered in a plot orchestrated by Jimmy Hoffa, boss of the powerful Teamsters truckers’ union, and the notorious crime boss Sam Giancana in an attempt to discredit her lover Bobby Kennedy. Giancanca and Hoffa were under investigation for Hoffa’s involvement with organized crime by Kennedy who was the then US Attorney General.


According to the book The Secret Letters by Wendy Leigh, the drug used to kill Monroe was chloral hydrate, a hypnotic sedative used in numerous mafia related killings. Marilyn’s naked body was found in her home, a bottle of pills on the nightstand. The bottle of pills found beside her bed contained only 10 pills of a 50 count prescription leading investigators to believe she committed suicide by way of overdosing, although there was no sign that she had actually ingested that particular drug. The suspicion, according to Leigh, is that the drugs were given to her as an enema. Dr Thomas Noguchi, Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner, found 8mg of chloral hydrate and 4.5mg of Nembutal – barbiturate sleeping tablets – in Monroe’s blood. Although she had taken enough Nembutal and chloral hydrate to kill 15 people, no trace of tablets was found in her stomach. Bruises on Monroe’s body suggest that she had been in some kind of struggle. John Miner, who was head of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s medical-legal section believes an enema is the most likely explanation.

If you wanted to kill someone, an enema would leave no residue in the stomach. Noguchi and I were convinced this was absolutely the route of admitting the fatal dose.”

Ms. Monroe may have gotten herself in over her beautiful blonde locks when she began frolicking with a Kennedy — or as gossip has it, Kennedy(s). The Kennedy family was believed to have had underworld ties for more than 30 years before Monroe. Joe Kennedy, the father of the Kennedy brothers, was said to have partnered with mafia boss Frank Constello in bootlegging operations during the 1930’s Prohibition.

Allegedly the mafia also helped the Kennedys solicit votes for John F. Kennedy during his bid to get into the White House. He did go on to win the election & became President. The relationship with mafia and the Kennedys went bad when Bobby Kennedy went against the grain and started cracking down on organized crime during his term as US Attorney General. The war was then on between the Kennedys and “the mob”.

Jimmy Hoffa had strong mafia ties as well as a colorful past and had already battled Bobby Kennedy in prior cases regarding his organized crime dealings with the Teamster’s union. With Giancana & the mob feeling betrayed by the Kennedys and Hoffa’s history of strife with Bobby Kennedy, the two joined forces in a plot to expose the dealings of Bobby Kennedy. FBI records from the time reveal a conversation between Hoffa and one of his associates:

Somebody has to bump that son of a bitch off. You know, he drives about in a convertible and swims by himself. It would be easy to get him with that. But I’m leery of it. It’s too obvious.”

Instead of going on with their plot against Kennedy, Hoffa and Giancana decided to try & discredit him through his relationship with Monroe. They went so far as to wiretap her phones and bedroom looking to get any blackmail that they could collect to expose Kennedy.

After all other plans to frame Kennedy failed, they realized that the Kennedys would never admit to a love affair with Monroe. It is believed that they decided to murder Monroe instead –as retaliation or revenge –or maybe to send a message. Her death was then believed to have been staged to look like a suicide.


Though believed to have been caught in a love triangle with both brothers, friends of Marilyn say that she was actually in love over her head with the older of the two brothers, President John F. Kennedy, and this is why she went to the White House for his birthday to sing for him.

Even if the relationship of John Kennedy with Marilyn was never confirmed, the one of Bobby Kennedy with the beauty is a fact. Bobby Kennedy supposedly even promised to leave his wife for Monroe, but for some unknown reason, he stopped returning her calls two weeks before her death.

monroe-kennedyRobert F. Kennedy, left, Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy in 1962 photo taken by Cecil Stoughton.

Video of Marilyn Monroe singing to President Kennedy: “Happy Birthday Mr. President”

Stay tuned as I tackle various theories pertaining to Marilyn Monroe’s demise. Some  suggest that Bobby Kennedy orchestrated with Sam Giancana to kill Monroe.

It is alleged that both Kennedy and Giancana visited the California home of Marilyn Monroe at different times the night of her death/suicide/murder. This revelation raises even more questions about what truly transpired at Monroe’s residence the night of August 4, 1962.

Marilyn's home

The Brentwood home Marilyn Monroe. 1962.

Others believe the Kennedys orchestrated their own plot to kill Marilyn because perhaps she knew too much. Affairs often turn deadly –add in two siblings, one of the most glamorous sex symbols in history, power, wealth & the mob & you’ve got a scandal that’s more salacious than any Hollywood production.


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