GoFundMe Set up for Illinois Teen Killed by Sex Offender Boyfriend and Placed in Dumpster

Photo Credit: GoFundMe/Gracie Sasso-Cleveland

Here’s another devastating story of a young girl becoming victim of a man twice her age. These kinds of stories have to be every parent’s nightmare — especially of teen girls. Those teenage years are so tricky and lots of teen girls fall victim to simply loving the wrong guys. You never suspect an outcome as gruesome as this.

15 year old Gracie Sasso-Cleveland of Illinois was killed and her body placed in a trash dumpster by her boyfriend who turned out to be a 29 year old sex offender with previous offenses.

Gracie’s mother said she bears the regret of having not googled the guy her daughter was in a relationship with. Had she googled him she would have discovered he is listed on the National Sex Offender Registry. He was also on probation for a previous instance of sexual abuse. She may have also learned his real age which is over the legal age limit to date a minor.

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Woman With Atlanta Rapper Trouble the Night of His Murder Breaks Her Silence

Mariel Orr, known professionally as Trouble, was a very well loved artist from Atlanta, GA. He was gunned down on June 5, 2022 in cold blood by the ex boyfriend of a female companion he was visiting.

According to the word on the streets, the woman and her ex boyfriend, Jamicheal Jones, shared the residence and had broken up about a week before the tragedy unfolded. Trouble and the woman, who was asleep at the time, were awakened by the woman’s ex boyfriend who physically assaulted them both, ultimately fatally shooting Trouble before fleeing the residence.

With so much speculation & gossip surrounding the story not much is known about the female other than her alleged name, “Rissa Royce”. She has now taken to her social media to break her silence for the first time since the murder.

Trouble was born & raised in Atlanta and well loved within his community. I’m sure she’s receiving hellacious backlash with everyone pretty much blaming her for the whole situation.

The main question is why would you bring a man into the home and bed you shared with another man as recent as 1 week ago? It is not known if Trouble knew the previous situation but it’s doubtful he would willingly sleep in another man’s bed knowing the heat behind it. Trouble was very intelligent and not lacking female companions.

Since his death multiple women have come to light posting their photos, tributes & professing their love for the rapper. It’s hard to fathom that he lost his life as the result of a diabolical love triangle. This is one of my biggest fears with dating, you never know who’s still holding on to a lover.

The whole story is a tragic loss for black men, for the community, for the culture. Maybe one day the female will enlighten us with the full story. According to her post, she doesn’t owe any explanations.

Rest in Paradise Trouble!!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Pen Hustle

Hey hustlers!

I just wanted to drop off a little humor & say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from The Pen Hustle!

I am constantly amazed by the support & love you show me and this blog even when I am on hiatus at times. I am more than thankful to have such dedicated viewers who take time to stop by and check out my thoughts & opinions. I appreciate you and I am forever grateful for every view, retweet, repost, share, like & subscription. I owe you everything. I am so full of gratitude.

Have a wonderful holiday.

— Love, Bee

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