Dope Flix: Tonesa Welch Parties In Miami With 50 Cent

Longtime girlfriend of Southwest T – Tonesa Welch parties up Miami, sipping champagne with Rap/TV Mogul 50 Cent.

Check out this interview of Tonesa discussing the history and future of the Black Mafia Family.

"Get the Strap" #Miami #KOD last night was mad crazy #Itsaadvil #50cent

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Former Miss Kentucky Accused Of Smuggling Weed To Boyfriend In Prison

Love will make you do some crazy things.

According to NY Daily News –A former Miss Kentucky USA is accused of attempting to smuggle drugs to a man serving time in an Ohio prison.

When Kia Hampton walked into the Allen Correctional Institution back in May, officers had already gathered enough evidence to obtain a warrant for a cavity search after listening to series of recorded phone calls, the Courier-Journal reported.

Hampton, amid questioning from officers at the prison, reached into her pant leg and pushed a white balloon out onto the floor. Officers later determined she’d been attempting to smuggle about 2.82 grams of marijuana into the Allen County facility for inmate Jeremy Kelly, according to the newspaper.

The former beauty pageant contestant was arrested the same day and indicted earlier this month. 

The 28-year-old faces one count of “illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a specified governmental facility.”

It’s a third-degree felony that comes with a three-year prison sentence.

Hampton in November 2010 was crowned Miss Kentucky USA at the age of 21. She was the first African American selected to represent Miss Kentucky in the Miss USA Pageant.

White Girl Vicky Explains How She Is Black


Instagram coon, “Whoa Vicky,” says that she believes she is of black decent, despite having bone straight dirty blonde hair, pale melanin free skin, and crystal ocean blue eyes.

In the video below Vicky gets into full character mode and goes above and beyond to explain why she believes she is a black girl. Social media went nuts.

Being black is unique. It’s a unique experience. My guess is once the gig is up and she realizes what a struggle being an African American can be, she will get back to some white privilege faster than you can say watermelon.

My question is where are her parents? Come and get Becky Vicky!


MediaTakeOut apparently has confirmed what we already suspected, that White girl Vicky is definitely white. All white.

After doing some digging they were able to locate pictures of Vicky’s parents who are in fact Anglo Saxon Caucasians. Apparently her father is a business owner and Vicky appears to live a life of comfort in suburban metro Atlanta.

Check out the story here.

The gigs up Black girl Victoria!


Self Made Lattie Responds To Trina’s Epic IG Live Video


Sherice “Lattie” Lattimore in her response video to Trick Daddy Photo credit: Youtube

Ok. Take a deep breath and breathe. Follow me.

Remember the aspiring female rapper who goes by  KimBrocMics, and whom sparked a social media war with rap star Trina on Twitter? Well her Bonnie has arrived and is down to ride and together they are spraying Trina tea all over these internet streets.

In the video below, another Miami aspiring rapper who goes by the name of Sherice “Self Made Lattie” Lattimore (pictured above) hopped on her live to respond to the Miami princess over her now viral IG live video in which Trina spit 10 minutes of nonstop verbal assaultery (no it’s not a word) at the struggling rap hopefuls.

Lattie says she is the girlfriend of “Kimbi aka “KimBrocMics” and she is not here for the verbal back and forth, especially from Trina, whom she does NOT respect.

In the video, “Lattie” accused Trina of being a pill popping, coke snorting bisexual “hoe” prostitute — among many other things. While she does claim that she does not know Trina personally, she says she “knows” all about her business.

“Lattie” and her boo “Kimbi,” who also claims to be Trina’s former lesbian love fling, (are you lost yet?) insists that they are not trying to “be on Love and Hip Hop” but says she would love the opportunity to “beat Trina’s a–” on the show.

Upon Youtube searching “Lattie” it appears that she has quite the colorful reputation in Miami.

Her mugshot proves she is at least willing to go to jail — as she stated in her struggle song,  “F*ck a H*e.” Listen to it here.

She is also the same woman that had the now viral spat with Trick Daddy, in which he spit on his phone in disgust after she commented on a post on Facebook.

In that video Trick angrily threatened to “stick a pistol in her mouth” if she did not recant statements made against the self proclaimed, “Miami Mayor.”

SEE THE VIDEO: Trick Daddy is literally spitting mad at Sherice Lattimore

She did not recant any statements. She instead hopped on her live and hurled more insults at ‘Mr. Dade County.’

SEE THE VIDEO: Sherice Latimore vs Trick Daddy

It also appears that she might be the rapper’s “baby mother” but that has not been confirmed by sources yet.

“Lattie” was also apparently involved in another viral show down in which she was jumped at the Section 8 office for attempting to get another woman kicked off of the government assisted living program. “Lattie” insists she was at the Section 8 office for her own meeting with her case worker and not to drop any dimes.

SEE THE VIDEO: Trick Daddy’s baby Momma gets jumped for snitching on section 8 woman

You can’t make this stuff up. You just cant. Love and Hip Hop couldn’t write a better script.

Check out Kimbi’s response to Trina’s IG assualt below and sound off in the comments.

Do you really think that all of this for a shot at Love and Hip Hop Miami? You know they say never argue with a person who’s willing to go to jail.

Hopefully by now Trina has smoked a blunt calmed down and realized that she’s got a lot to lose.

The beef is so not worth it, but boy — are we not entertained?

The real Love and Hip Hop Miami — no edits.


Wives Of El Chapo’s Cartel Say They Regret The Lives Their Husbands Lived


The “Flores wives” speak out against the cartel in Fox News interview

Wives of the newly released book, “Cartel Wives” speak out to denounce the former lifestyle in which their ex-husbands, who were twin brothers, allegedly made billions of dollars for the Sinaloa cartel — under the reign of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The wives, who spoke exclusively to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge in full disguise, say they live in constant fear of retaliation by the cartel. The formerly kept women are now kept under witness protection as their husbands became federal informants for the US government in the highly publicized upcoming trial against Guzman for his alleged international drug crimes.

The trial is set to begin April of 2018.

The wives who have assumed the alias names of Mia and Olivia Flores, say they are deeply regretful for the lives that their ex-husbands led and they hope that by telling their stories it will help mend the devastation that the “cartel life” caused to communities and families.