Atlanta Rapper Young Thug Charged With 8 Drug Felonies

TMZ reports that Young Thug has been charged with possession and intent to distribute meth, marijuana, and Hydrocodone. He also got additional charges for amphetamine, Alprazolam, and codeine possession and a firearm-related charge.

Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel commented, saying, “I will do everything that is lawful and ethical to clear Mr. Williams of this false allegation.


Brazilian Prisoner Digs Tunnel; Ends Up in Guard Room

A Brazilian prisoner dug an escape tunnel for 5 years.

And after finishing, he found himself in a Guard Room.

El Chapo he is not! Close but no cigar bud.

WATCH: Philly Rapper Meek Mill Calls for Criminal Justice Reform

Check out this article on Hollywood Unlocked where Meek Mill confesses he worries about going back to jail everyday.

Rap Legend DMX Locked Up With Southwest T of Black Mafia Family

I realize I am a little late with this post. It’s been in my inbox since 7/26. (I send upcoming stories I would like to post/discuss to my inbox for safe keepings).

Apparently DMX is locked up with Terry ‘Southwest T’ Flenory while doing a year for tax evasion. The two posed it up for a yard flick at the FCI Gilmer in West Virginia.

I’m a southerner born and bred but I have always been a fan of DMX. I actually met him with some Ruff Ryder buddies back in the day & been a superfan ever since. I feel like he would make a good preacher or teacher some day. He’s so real and the people could definitely use a word. Free the X!

Never forget.

WATCH: Is Haiti Prison The Most Evil In The World? 

This eye opening documentary goes deep inside the trenches of Haiti’s biggest prison. 

Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean and the world, is plagued with extreme crime and poverty.

The film highlights the severe overcrowding and uncontionably inhumane conditions that inmates are forced to live in inside the prison. It also exposes the brazen corruption within the Haitian judicial system.

This place makes Pelican Bay or Rikers Island look like a 5 star resort in comparison. I don’t doubt that US prisoners have it hard behind bars but inevitably nothing compares to the struggle in foreign prisons. Mainly because they have absolutely no regulations or regard for human life.

It’s impossible to fathom anyone living under such diabolical conditions.