Rape, Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence Victim Begs Trump for Execution Pardon

Lisa Montgomery
Photo Credit: Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide

Lisa Montgomery is petitioning Donald Trump for a stay of execution prior to her scheduled execution date of December 8, 2020.

Lisa is hoping that her past traumas, horrific life experiences & mental illness would move the president to give her a second chance at a better life.

Here is her letter:

Dear President Trump,

We ask you to extend mercy to Lisa Montgomery, a victim of multiple rapes, child sex trafficking, and domestic violence. Lisa was sentenced to death by a jury that was never informed of the full extent and impact of the sexual violence and physical abuse she endured. As a result of her trauma, she is now so mentally ill that she must receive multiple medications to prevent full-blown psychosis.

We also ask you at a minimum to grant a stay of execution. We believe Lisa deserves a full and fair opportunity to petition the courts to stay her execution, as well as an opportunity to present comprehensive arguments to you and your administration as to why her death sentence should be commuted to life imprisonment. This cannot happen in the midst of a global pandemic.

The story of Lisa’s life is worse than a nightmare. She was born with permanent brain damage caused by her mother’s drinking during pregnancy. A child of extreme poverty, she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather. She was routinely beaten and terrorized by her mother. Lisa’s mother trafficked her to men who were allowed to rape Lisa in exchange for utilities and other services. Although this was suspected or known by teachers, police, and the courts, nobody intervened to protect Lisa.

This horror continued when she married her stepbrother at the urging of her mother at the age of 18. He continued the cycle of abuse, raping and beating her. Not surprisingly, this lifetime of torture exacerbated Lisa’s genetic predisposition to mental illness, and caused her to develop a dissociative disorder in addition to complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Her severe trauma and mental illness led directly to the crime for which she was convicted – the murder of a pregnant woman and the kidnapping of her child.

At her trial, prosecutors used gender stereotypes against Lisa, repeatedly casting her as unfit mother and homemaker, telling jurors that she didn’t go to her children’s events, and that “[s]he didn’t cook, and [s]he didn’t clean,” and kept a “filthy home.” The prosecution trivialized the evidence of her being repeatedly raped as a child, calling it the “abuse excuse.”

The lifetime of rape and sexual torture that Lisa endured is not an ‘abuse excuse.’ It was her horrific life story that the jury should have considered in deciding whether she was someone who deserved to live or die. The jury was never given that opportunity. President Trump, please consider this evidence and spare Lisa Montgomery’s life. Spending the rest of her life in prison is more than adequate punishment for this crime given Lisa’s traumatic history and mental illness.

Sign the Petition to grant Lisa Montgomery a pardon of execution.

Arizona Mom Cleared And Released From Death Row In The Killing Of Her Son


Debra Milke speaks out after being on death row for 23 years. She was charged with the murder of her son.

Debra Milke is free after spending over 20 years on death row for the murder of her son, Christopher who was 4 years old at the time.

She was accused of killing Christopher because she simply, no longer wanted the child, nor did she want the child to live with his father.

According to investigators, she wanted to cash in on a $5000 insurance policy in the child’s name. Continue reading →

Possible Death Penalty For Alabama Grandmother Charged With Torturing 9 Year Old Granddaughter To Death

Joyce Hardin

Joyce Hardin Garrard was found guilty of Capital Murder in the death of 9-year-old granddaughter, Savannah Hardin.

Jurors who convicted an Alabama woman in the running death of her 9-year-old granddaughter soon must decide whether to recommend she should die for the crime or spend the rest of her life in prison.

A jury convicted 49-year-old Joyce Hardin Garrard late Friday in the February 2012 death of Savannah Hardin, siding with prosecutors who depicted Garrard as a “drill sergeant from hell,” a domineering taskmaster so enraged over a lie about candy that she made the girl run until she dropped. Continue reading →

63 Year Old New Jersey Woman Convicted Of Cutting Up Her Husband And Storing Remains In Tupperware


Loretta Burroughs, 63, was convicted in the 2007 killing of her husband.

Call her a pack rat. Call her guilty.

A New Jersey woman who took the dismembered remains of her husband with her when she moved at least twice has been found guilty of murder.

Loretta Doyle Burroughs, 63, of Ventnor City, was convicted in the 2007 killing of Doyle Burroughs after a four-day trial in Atlantic County Criminal Court in Mays Landing, N.J.

“The end of it all is Daniel Burroughs, decomposed in two Tupperware containers in this defendant’s closet,” Levy said. “This is how it ends.” Continue reading →