Catch That Theory: Marilyn & The Mob?


The mysterious and salacious death of Marilyn Monroe will forever be the basis of endless theories about her dealings with the Kennedy family & the underworld.

Known to keep the company of some of the world’s most powerful men of her time, Marilyn’s sorted lovelife, inundated with scandal, still intrigues over 50 years after her seemingly untimely death on August 4, 1962.

Many reports suggest that Marilyn spent her last night alive with Chicago mafia boss, Sam Giancana. The story gets sketchy because Monroe was supposedly having an affair with Robert “Bobby” Kennedy. She was also allegedly having an affair with his older brother, John F. Kennedy aka “Mr President”. There was ongoing bad blood between Giancana, the mafia & the Kennedys.

The real question here is was Marilyn Monroe’s life cut short due to the bad blood of her company?


Now here is a scandal that not even Hollywood producers could have cooked up for television –especially during that time period. Keep in mind there are many conspiracy theories about what happened to the infamous blonde haired bombshell and I will probably touch on most of them, just because I love a good conspiracy theory. This particular post covers one theory of why it is believed the mafia “got rid of Marilyn“. Continue reading →