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WATCH: Eerie Video of Nashville School Shooter Arriving Moments Before Shooting

I am so sickened by this. There has to be something done to protect children and staff at schools. School is no longer a safe haven for kids and as of today gun violence is the leading cause of children’s deaths in the United States.

It’s so sad that three children and three adults were gunned down by this maniac before she was ultimately swatted and killed by the police.

It’s very eerie and triggering to watch her pace the halls with a loaded AR15 rifle looking for anyone to execute.

Anti-gun lobbyists believe that stricter gun laws would prevent these types of shootings. I think it’s a mental health crisis more than anything. Either way I’d like to see something change immediately as there is nowhere safe or immune from these types of tragedies.

Protecting children should be the first and main objective on the agenda.

Here is body camera video from Nashville Police of the confrontation with the killer.

Should Hazing Be Banned?

Hazing rituals have long been the norm on college and even middle and high school campuses.

Every year hazing is used by various sororities and fraternities to initiate new hopefuls into their organizations. There has also even been reports of hazing by other groups such as military, athletics, bands, camps, etc.

The hazing has gotten so bad that both male and female students are being injured, paralyzed and dying as a result and the perpetrators are getting away with a slap on the wrist as hazing is considered a misdemeanor at best.

There is currently a CHANGE petition to stop hazing as a 19 year old North Carolina college student was killed following a fraternity hazing incident. He died from his injuries in a field off campus, he was tackled multiple times and was severely injured from a traumatic brain injury.

In Georgia, another student was strapped to a chair, hosed down, sprayed down and even defecated on. He was dropped off at ER and basically left to die.

Click here to sign this anti-hazing petition.

This reminds of gang initiation. I can’t even imagine how horrifying having a child die as a result of hazing has to be for the parents. There has to be more done to ensure the safety of students. There is no way school leadership should keep allowing these type of rituals to continue.

The AR-15 Is the Most Controversial Weapon in the United States

Photo Credit: Pinterest / AR -15

Gun violence is rampant in the US. As of today there has been 129 mass shootings in 2023.

Today 28 year old Audrey Hale entered Covenant Christian school in Nashville, TN armed with 2 AR-style weapons and opened fire killing three children & three adults.

It is believed that the weapons were purchased legally.

The Washington Post — Today, the AR-15 is the best-selling rifle in the United States, industry figures indicate. About 1 in 20 U.S. adults — or roughly 16 million people — own at least one AR-15, according to polling data from The Washington Post and Ipsos.

It also has become a stark symbol of the nation’s gun violence epidemic. Ten of the 17 deadliest U.S. mass shootings since 2012 have involved AR-15s.

Florida Couple Kidnapped and Held for Ransom by Haitian Gangs

This is very scary stuff. Haiti has been in ruins for a while. Their President was assassinated in 2021. The gang activity is that of the cartel rampant with kidnappings, murder, extortion. There is daily uprising and rioting against the government and the country is now battling a cholera outbreak.

Let’s hope and pray this couple is returned home safely to their families. I can’t imagine how traumatic this experience is.

It’s important to issue this warning when traveling to be extremely cautious of travel ban warnings. The risks are too great and most foreign countries don’t have the same manpower and resources to help mitigate crime.

CNN — Abigail and Jean-Dickens Toussaint, both 33, were kidnapped on March 18 around Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital, according to a statement from their families provided to CNN.

“Please share this and get the word out as much as you can,” the statement says, hoping the two return safe “to their child and family.”

The couple went to Haiti to visit family and to attend a festival but were kidnapped on their bus ride from Port-au-Prince, according to a woman named Christie, claiming to be the victims’ niece.

“They stopped the bus at a stop and then asked for Americans to get off the bus and their escorts off the bus, and then they took them,” she told CNN affiliate WPLG.

The kidnappers asked for $6,000 for the couple’s release, but after their family paid, they asked for more money, WPLG reports.

“Once we sent that money, they tried to up the price to $200,000 per person and we don’t have that type of money,” Christie told WPLG.

Judge Issues Nipsey Hussle’s Killer a Strong Warning About Prison


Did the judge just green -???? ..never mind.

Eric Holder, the man that murdered Compton’s (and the world’s) beloved Nipsey Hussle, has already received a furry a backlash and hell for the killing of the west coast rap royal. His family has received the brunt of the furry as well. It is unclear if it was two of his brothers or cousins that have been murdered out in Compton. His younger brother allegedly committed suicide.

Nipsey was a Rollin 60s Crip. He was also a robinhood of his neighborhood. His murder was catastrophic to both the real world and the music world. Some say Eric Holder signed his own death warrant.

Back in 2022, he was attacked by inmates as he was being transported back to the jail facility from court. (resulting in the photo above) It is unclear if the beatdown was in retaliation for the killing of Nipsey. One can only assume.

Prison politics are deeper than rap. Gang politics are deep than that.

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