Brazilian Drug Lord, ‘White Head’ Nabbed 30 Years After Surgically Changing His Face To Hide From Police 


Wives Of El Chapo’s Cartel Say They Regret The Lives Their Husbands Lived


The “Flores wives” speak out against the cartel in Fox News interview

Wives of the newly released book, “Cartel Wives” speak out to denounce the former lifestyle in which their ex-husbands, who were twin brothers, allegedly made billions of dollars for the Sinaloa cartel — under the reign of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The wives, who spoke exclusively to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge in full disguise, say they live in constant fear of retaliation by the cartel. The formerly kept women are now kept under witness protection as their husbands became federal informants for the US government in the highly publicized upcoming trial against Guzman for his alleged international drug crimes.

The trial is set to begin April of 2018.

The wives who have assumed the alias names of Mia and Olivia Flores, say they are deeply regretful for the lives that their ex-husbands led and they hope that by telling their stories it will help mend the devastation that the “cartel life” caused to communities and families.

Book Trailer: “Cartel Wives” 


“Cartel Wives” is the inside story of dangerous love,
risky decisions, and redemption.
It is Visceral account of how two strong and attractive
woman from inner-city Chicago formed an intimate
and romantically indelible triumph of the heart from the crude
foundation of cocaine, illicit opulence, and betrayal.
It is the epic drama of the true life story of the ingenious Flores Twins
and their courageous wives who discarded any possibility
of a normal life for the Twins Brothers who won their hearts.
It is the tale of four lives lured to the unbelievable saga
of their scheme to bring down the infamous El Chapo.
Behind every good man there is a woman, and here is their
inspiring true story.


Book releases worldwide June 20 (2017)

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Did Former Miss Universe Have Love Child With Cartel Boss?

According to various Mexican news articles, Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe winner, had a love affair with Jose Gerardo “El Indio” Alvarez, a currently jailed capo who is believed to have fathered the beauty queen’s daughter.

According to

News about the love affair set off a scandal in Mexico in April 2010 when authorities captured Alvarez. At the time, multiple major news outlets in Mexico quoted court records, witness testimonies and sources within Mexico’s law enforcement to assert that Machado’s daughter was fathered by the fearsome capo.

Additional reports revealed that during the child’s baptism, the top leadership of the Beltran Leyva Cartel was in attendance–including the Beltran Leyva brothers and Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez Villarreal.

Machado has denied the allegations that she had a daughter with El Indio and has claimed that the father is a Mexican businessman by the name of Rafael Hernandez.

This year, Machado claimed that the Mexican government was going to release an official document clearing her name and legally proving that her daughter was not El Indio’s.

So far the Mexican government has not released the documents.

Machado was pulled into the U.S. presidential bid debacle when Hillary Clinton referenced Donald Trump’s comments about Machado’s weight gain in which he referred to her as “Miss Piggy.” 

Clinton pounced on Trump’s uncouth remarks in effort to paint him as a sexist who viciously attacks and degrades women.

Clinton said Machado, who was born in Venezuela has since become a U.S. citizen and is planning on voting for her in the November election.

Brazilian Drug Lord Turned His Prison Cell Into A Luxurious En Suite

Wow! Talk about privileged. 

How this Brazilian drug lord was able to create his own luxurious 3-room air conditioned suite in prison is beyond me. Clearly power & money works in one’s favor in Paraguay. 

According to Huffington Post: 

A Brazilian drug lord has been found living a life of luxury while behind bars.

Jarvis Chimenes Pavao hasn’t had to endure a grimy cell while serving eight years for money laundering at the notoriously crowded Tacumbu prison near Asuncion in Paraguay, the BBC reported.

Oh, no. Instead, he’s been whiling away his days inside a specially adapted, air-conditioned three-room suite.

Here a few pictures of Jarvis Chimenes Pavao’s cell suite which is now being demolished.


Photographs and video released this week reveal how Pavao, who was likely due to be extradited back to Brazil in 2017 to serve a sentence for a previous drug trafficking conviction, enjoyed sleeping on a comfortable-looking double bed and keeping fit on a treadmill.

Entertainment came courtesy of his very own plasma television and computer, which was located near a refrigerator and freezer in case he needed a snack or beverage.

The 42-year-old also had ample wardrobe space for his collection of clothes and fancy footwear, as well as an en suite bathroom. 

Pavao even had a closet area where he kept his clothes & shoes tidy.



Other images show his fully stocked library and eclectic DVD collection, which included a TV series on the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar ― who himself, before his death in 1993, cut a deal with his country’s authorities, who let him design and reside inside his own prison.

Pavao enjoyed the luxury of watching DVDs, including a TV series about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s life.

Pavao’s privileged prison life came to an abrupt end on Tuesday, however, after Paraguayan police discovered he was hatching an escape plot, Agence France-Presse reported.  

He’s now been transferred to another secure unit while officials investigate how he came to set up his extravagant living quarters, which he would reportedly rent out to fellow inmates for up to $5,000 per week.

His cell, which was a far cry from the normal living conditions endured by other inmates is now set to be demolished.

Wow, after all this privilege and he still tried to escape? He was clearly living better behind bars than some people live on the streets. 

My main thought is who did the interior design & construction? Surely the prison had to allow this extravagant remodel to happen. The guy has a treadmill, designer furniture, flat screens, refrigerator & freezer– just to name a few perks. Thankfully I’ve never spent time in prison, but I can’t believe anyone would jeopardize this kind of sweet deal. 

Reminds me of the classic prison scene in “Goodfellas” where the guys were enjoying home cooked meals like steak & lobster and living like kings. If this were a film, it would definetly be Goodfellas 2.0.