Racist Conservative Threatens to Shoot Black Women and Children in the Back

What a sick POS. Please share to social media and expose this bigot ass maggot MAGAt. Only a bitchmade coward shoots from behind.

This is the new face of terrorism.

Here is the video:


Elder Actress Bette Midler Tweets Women are the New ‘N’ Word; Gets Dragged Back to Broadway

Really Bette Midler?

After getting dragged back to “Hokus Pokus” on social media and in the press, she deleted the tweet and apologized.

In spite of her apology, she continued to somewhat defend her statement and even used John Lennon’s words (The Beatles) for backup.

The whole thing is just too exhausting for me to dig into, but if you’re interested check out this article on USA Today.


Muslim Woman Made to Show Menstrual Pad During Airport Security Search

Oh my goodness. I need all the facts of this case.

Ladies what would you do if you had to do this?

63 Years Ago Today Emmett Till Was Murdered

The gut wrenching story of Emmett Till still resonates today as many Blacks still face ongoing racism and oppression in the United States and abroad.

On this day, let’s take time to remember Emmett Till whose life was cut down so brutally & prematurely as a result of systemic racial hate in AmeriKKKa.

Join the discussion.

Ex Trump Staffer: “Donald Trump Thinks All Black People Are Lazy”

Oh really?

If this is true, it’s really unfortunate that Mr. Donald Trump would make such a statement particularly when black women (& millions others) such as myself work nonstop around the clock to secure the bag for ourselves & families. We need a little more clarification of your definition of lazy. As well as your interpretation of ‘all’.

Shame on you Donald and I can assure you that it is no honor for a Jew to count your money but carry on.