Racist Conservative Threatens to Shoot Black Women and Children in the Back

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This is the new face of terrorism.

Here is the video:

Hustle Music: “BLACK” by Buddy ft Asap Ferg

COMPLEX — The 24-year-old rapper dropped off his much-anticipated record “Black” featuring Harlem’s ASAP Ferg with production by Jahaan Sweet. The cut marks Buddy’s first official release since his 2017 EP Magnolia.

And, as its title suggests, the cut is a celebratory anthem about rappers’ personal triumphs as well as those of black America.

I feel like Trayvon with this black hoodie on/Huey P. Newton/Black Revolution/I’m with a Nubian queen and some illegal aliens/I got a black fist balled up and it ain’t just me, it’s all of us,” the Compton rapper spits.

White Supremacists Enter Houston’s 3rd Ward Carrying Confederate Flags

Armed right-wingers stood on the grounds of the N.A.A.C.P. headquarters to sing the praises of cops who kill unarmed Black people and decry activists who speak out against police abuse.

Read the entire story here: White Supremacists Enter Houston’s 3rd Ward Carrying Confederate Flags & Racist Slogans — United States Hypocrisy

Homeowners Outraged After Ku Klux Klan Members Leave ‘Get Out The Vote’ Fliers Across Alabama Town

Some Alabama homeowners are outraged after the Ku Klux Klan left fliers around their town. The hate group is trying to encourage people to go vote in the election and join the Klan.

Several people who live in St. Charles Place neighborhood of Madison tell KTLA sister station WHNT they found baggies full of rocks and paper in their driveway Sunday morning.

The message said in part, “Black Lives Matter Black Panthers are telling followers to kill white people and police officers.”

Many in the neighborhood said they were disgusted, but didn’t want to go on camera for fear of retaliation.

“This is pretty standard tactics for that particular Klan group. They’ve been fliering all over the sate. They were in Wichita last weekend. This is a pretty common practice for Loyal White Knights,” said Heidi Beirich with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Beirich tracks hate groups for the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery.

“It breaks my heart that people receive this kind of material, but unfortunately, this is the Klan using its First Amendment rights. So, they have every ability to do this.”

Beirich tells WHNT her agency doesn’t know of any violent situation involving the Klan.

There are eight Ku Klux Klan organizations in Alabama. the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates there are up to 6,000 Klan members nationwide.

Video Of Alfred Olango Killing Released

Following an onslaught of demand that the images be make public, El Cajon police released a video clip showing an officer fatally shooting an unarmed Ugandan immigrant during a confrontation near the Parkway Plaza shopping center.

According to Fox 5 San Diego:

Police Chief Jeff Davis and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis will lead an afternoon briefing during which they will disseminate the cellphone and surveillance-camera footage depicting the death of 38-year-old Alfred Olango.

Olango was mortally wounded Tuesday afternoon during a confrontation with officers behind a fast-food restaurant near the intersection of Interstate 8 and state Route 67.

The shooting sparked widespread protests on the streets of the East County city, with demonstrators insisting that Olango died at the hands of police because he was black.

On Thursday night, a demonstration at the site of the fatal encounter near the intersection of Interstate 8 and state Route 67 turned violent as protesters stopped vehicles, broke car windows and knocked a motorcycle rider to the ground.