Crazy Killer Charles Manson Shows Off His ‘Killer’ Karate Moves

This video of Charles Manson reminds me of my now deceased (RIP) great grandfather, whom we affectionately called “Daddy Ripp,” who used to (up until about age 89) do karate moves at every family reunion. 

Indiana Man Kills Girlfriend After She Declined to Marry Him

An Indiana man is facing a murder charge after allegedly admitting to killing his girlfriend after she declined his hand in marriage.

According to KTLA:

Jason Eaton, 43, walked into the Greensburg Police Department with a woman and asked to talk to an officer, according to KTLA sister station WXIN in Indianapolis. He told the officer that he had killed his girlfriend, later identified as Wendy Sabatini.

Officers were sent to their Greensburg home where Sabatini’s son, who thought his mother was at work, let them in. He had just arrived home from a school-related internship.

Sabatini’s body was found in a bedroom. Police said she died of an apparent gunshot wound to her head. A firearm was found in the bedroom.

Eaton was detained at the police station. He spoke with officers and said he approached her in the bedroom with an engagement ring to ask her to marry him, according to police.

She declined before he was able to ask, they said.

Eaton said he then retrieved the gun from a nightstand and shot her in the head from behind, according to police.

He eventually left the home and went to the home of the woman who accompanied him to the police department, authorities said. He allegedly told her he “messed up” and said he thought he killed Sabatini.

In addition to the murder charge, Eaton faces a firearm sentencing enhancement.

Sad and scary! Sounds like the girlfriend wasn’t going to make it alive either way with this guy. Had she married him, would she have eventually met with the same fate?

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WATCH: A Heartbroken Father Confronts His Son’s Killer In Court

In this heartbreaking video, a father’s emotions are uncontainable when his son’s cold blooded killer pleads “insanity” during sentencing and requests to be sentenced to a mental hospital instead of prison. 

The father of the victim couldn’t contain himself and began screaming at the killer, eventually having to be taken out of the courtroom. 

It’s really sad to see families of these kinds of crimes trying to pick up the pieces from the loss of their loved ones. Especially from senseless crimes. 

Hopefully this killer’s plea was rejected & he was sentenced to rot in jail. Join the discussion. 

Loneliness a Driving Force in Sadism and Serial Murder?

Killers Without Conscience

Adolf Hitler once commented to his housekeeper “I am loneliest man in the world.” hitler-look-rightRichard Kuklinski, aka the Iceman, an assassin for the Italian Mafia, declared, “I am probably the loneliest person in the world.” Likewise, serial killers tell of lonely childhood and teen years, without friends and little family support.

Some are physically abused, others are neglected by their caregivers. Loneliness and rejection by peers is a major trait of all serial killers. Their early years deprive them of social skills that lead to forming friendships and healthy relationships. Many are rejected by their playmates or siblings, who already as children, detect something menacing or repelling in them. Isolated and lonely, these children develop and dwell on fantasies of power and revenge. Could this be a major factor behind sadism and the lust for murder?

Case Study # 1 – Jeffrey Dahmer

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Making A Murderer – Guilty Or Not?

Killers Without Conscience

Netflix has been streaming Steven Avery’s story since 2015. It is entitled Making a Murdererand is 10 episodes long. In case you aren’t familiar, Avery was convicted of a Steven_Avery_1985sexual assault in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and served 18 years, only to be freed after DNA proved he was innocent. That’s lousy.  The interesting codicil however is that in 2005, Avery did worse – he allegedly murdered photographer Teresa Halbach. He was again convicted, this time in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. The case is under appeal as of January 2016. The public is torn between Avery’s possible innocence and possible guilt. I suspect this reaction stems from a number of reasons: that Avery has already been incarcerated for another crime he didn’t commit.; his low IQ could make him susceptible to agreeing with police officers that he committed a crime he didn’t commit; he already has a…

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