WATCH: A Heartbroken Father Confronts His Son’s Killer In Court

In this heartbreaking video, a father’s emotions are uncontainable when his son’s cold blooded killer pleads “insanity” during sentencing and requests to be sentenced to a mental hospital instead of prison. 

The father of the victim couldn’t contain himself and began screaming at the killer, eventually having to be taken out of the courtroom. 

It’s really sad to see families of these kinds of crimes trying to pick up the pieces from the loss of their loved ones. Especially from senseless crimes. 

Hopefully this killer’s plea was rejected & he was sentenced to rot in jail. Join the discussion. 


  1. Nathalya comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 14:48. Julia,gostei do seu esmalte,mas não tem a deƒ£§iÃÂrÃsÂco dele no post.Me diz qual que é,por favor? Obrigada



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