Reality Star Rapper Cardi B Throws Shoes at Nicki Minaj During NY Fashion Week Event

Lol. The internet is undefeated.

Unless you are living under a rock you know stripper, turned reality star turned rapper, Cardi B tried to catch fade with pop singer Nicki Minaj at Fashion Week last night.

While no punches were officially landed (Minaj Maraj took cover and hid behind security) video footage does show Cardi B attempting to throw hands before settling for her shoes and being escorted out barefoot – with a lump on her head.

Whew chile. All that animosity and furniture moving and not one punch landed?

The internet seems to be picking sides. Whose side are you picking?

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Dope Tweetz: Snitching Azz Co-Workers

There’s two types of people on this Earth. The ones that do the snitching and the ones who get snitched on.

Which one are you?

Happy Friday!

Dope Tweetz: Live By Die Bys

I have had a little trouble with a few of these on the list but I’m definitely working on them. I don’t think doing any of these things regularly will fail you.

Hustlers, do you agree?