Cash App Founder Bob Lee’s Killer Says He Used Cocaine and Attended Wild Sex Parties

Photo Credit: The San Francisco Standard

We’re still waiting on a tangible motive as to why Cash App founder Bob Lee was knifed down and left to die on a San Francisco street.

According to the news a suspect has been charged in connection to the murder. His alleged killer was a man who also worked in the tech industry. Nima Momeni, has been charged with his murder but the motive seems extremely suspicious.

Rumors of Bob Lee’s private life have surfaced with allegations of rampant cocaine use & sex fueled swinger parties for the elite. Honestly this is not surprising news and certainly nothing worthy of murder.

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WATCH: Donald Trump Rape Trial Deposition Tape

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I haven’t really been keeping up with Donald Trump since his White House departure. Last I heard he was planning to run for President again in the 2024 election. Other than the normal lawsuits and investigations, I haven’t really followed his latest.

Among one of the many lawsuits was one filed by American journalist E. Jean Carroll. Carroll filed a second lawsuit against Trump in 2022, alleging battery and defamation, after New York enacted the Adult Survivors Act, which allows adult survivors of sexual violence to sue over attacks that occurred decades ago.

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17 Year Old Texas Teen Charged With School Threats & Beastiality For Having Sex With Dogs

McLennan County mugshot

SUPER WEIRD. Those eyes tell a strange tale. This guy looks completely bugged out.

I feel so sad for that poor dog. Get that dog some counseling!

The Daily Beast — 17 year old Daniel Dakota Weber was arrested in Sept. for allegedly vowing to launch an attack on his high school where he is a senior. The cops got a warrant to search his phone, and found it “contained several videos showing a medium-size, mixed-breed dog having sex with Weber” in a motel room, according to his arrest warrant.

Weber reportedly told the cops he made the threat on Instagram because he wanted school to be canceled for the day.

His bond was raised from $15,000 to $20,000 for the bestiality charge.

In Texas, bestiality is punishable by up to two years in state prison.

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