Mystery Woman Seen on Home Surveillance Video Ringing Doorbells in Texas


Hustlers, what would you do if this some weird shit like this happened at your crib?

Who knows if this is a prank or if it’s real, but do know I would not have opened the door let alone go outside — without the strap. #getthestrap

In all seriousness hopefully this young lady is ok. It’s crazy nobody ID’d her yet. No friends or family?

Check out the story on KTLA.

KTLA – A woman – barefoot and wearing what could be handcuffs -repeatedly rang doorbells at a number of Texas homes before vanishing into the night.

Now police in Montgomery County are trying to identify her and have released surveillance footage of her approaching a home.

The grainy video, captured around 3:20 a.m. on Friday, shows a woman walking up to a house and ringing the doorbell. She’s wearing a T-shirt, and appears to have some sort of shackle hanging from her right wrist.

“We were dead asleep in our beds. My husband was woken up by doorbell ring. It rang probably 20 to 30 times,” one resident, who did not want to be named, told CNN affiliate KPRC. “He walked outside, no one was in sight. It’s like she disappeared in thin air.”

KPRC reported that the same woman apparently visited at least five houses in the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood. Continue reading →

Mexican Drug Lord Hid Out In A Bat Filled Cave Before Being Caught After Girlfriend Brings A Birthday Cake


Cartel capo Servando Gomez Martinez.

“I killed them because they were assholes who snitched on me, when I didn’t do anything to them, and only helped everybody,” Gomez said in an audio file released in November.

“But I know I’ll eventually pay for it.”

Three months later, the leader of the Knights Templar cartel fell.

A former primary school teacher, Gomez, known widely as “La Tuta,” was apprehended in Morelia, Michoacan state. It was the Mexican government’s most significant arrest since the capture of notorious Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, which occurred almost exactly a year before.

The arrest came at around 3 am at a hot dog stand in downtown Morelia, after what the Mexican president referred to as “months of investigation.” The detention, authorities said, unfolded without incident.

In a video released to Mexican news outlets taken in the hours after Gomez’s arrest, the drug lord appears at ease but recalcitrant, saying he was arrested “because I’m a criminal.”

“Because I led a gang of pendejos,” or idiots, he said.


Cave where Mexican drug capo Servando Gomez Martinez lived while in hiding.

Birthday cake mistake

The Gomez capture was marked by a series of events reminiscent of the days Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein spent in hiding before he was captured.

Gomez, increasingly isolated by the pursuing authorities and pressured by his cartel and autodefensa rivals, evaded police for months by hiding out in a bat-filled cave, Mexico’s federal police commissioner told the news agency EFE in an interview.

The cave had previously served as a holding cell for detainees. Gomez, 49, spent his final free months in “misery,” commissioner Enrique Galindo told EFE.

By early February, authorities had narrowed the search down to one of ten properties. A messenger whose phone was tapped finally led authorities to his location.

On February 6, a girlfriend of Gomez named Maria Antonieta Luna Ávalos visited him along with others who brought food and drinks, including a chocolate birthday cake, which was found in the refrigerator at his home at time of his arrest.

Hours after Gomez’s capture, his brother Flavio Gomez Martinez was detained in the city of Merida on the Yucatan peninsula, in possession of firearms and narcotics, authorities said. Six other people linked to Gomez have also detained.

“We now have 90 of the 122 most dangerous [people] detained,” Mexican interior minister Osorio Chong said.

Read the FULL STORY on Vice News.

See more pictures, including the now infamous chocolate birthday cake that led to his capture.

Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting; Slaps Him Down & Drags Him Home


Mother of the Year: This mom is being called “mother of the year” after cameras captured her snatching her son from a Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore and disciplining him for his behavior.

Here’s the kind of mother more boys need! — or THE WORLD for that matter… 

On yesterday, the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral, high schoolers let their emotions get the best of them and threw rocks at police officers and set cars on fire inciting pure chaos in Baltimore., MD. 

This mother, Toya Graham, said she –like millions of us, watched the melee on television in disbelief and pure disgust.

She decided to get out and find her own 16 year old son –whom she did eventually find, wearing a hoodie, participating in the fray and (in her words) ‘just a mess’. 

On the now famous cell phone video, she grabs him (by the neck) and slapped him around, demanding he “take his a– home”–exactly what my mother would have done (and all mothers SHOULD for that matter).

Give this woman “Gangster Mom of the Year”.

We need more old school mothers like her that are not afraid to snatch their kids up and drag them off the streets, all in the name of love.

In my opinion, it’s better this mother slap her son up and drag him home, then the police or far worse-a fellow prisoner.

In years to come, he will thank his mother for being the kind of mother that cared enough to slap him around for doing wrong.

It’s all out of love and in the name of “old school” discipline.

Peep the video.

Join the discussion.

Sister Of Missing Alberta Woman Keeps Searching, Hoping


Ever since her sister vanished without a trace in the summer of 2013, Candice L’Hommecourt has been fighting to learn the truth about her disappearance. (CBC) Ever since her sister vanished without a trace in the summer of 2013, Candice L’Hommecourt has been fighting to learn the truth about her disappearance. (CBC)

CBC News

Ever since Shelly Dene vanished without a trace in the summer of 2013, her sister has been fighting to learn the truth about her disappearance.

Candice L’Hommecourt last heard from her sister through a text message in August 2013.

“I asked her if she was OK, and she said no.”

Shelly Dene Shelly Dene has been missing since August 2013. (Edmonton Police)

Dene, 26, had been staying at her grandmother’s place in Edmonton, and had talked about travelling to the Yukon. So L’Hommecourt just assumed that’s where she was headed.

Her grandmother was also out of town. When she got home a few weeks later, she also believed Dene was travelling, because none of her stuff had been left behind.

L’Hommecourt had no reason…

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Families Of Missing Edmonton Women Want Action From Federal Government


Shelly Tanis Dene, 26 was reported missing to the EPS by a family member on Nov. 8, 2013. Family Photo. Shelly Tanis Dene, 26 was reported missing to the EPS by a family member on Nov. 8, 2013. Family Photo.

Edmonton Sun‎

Every time the phone rings, Katie Dene can’t help but hope it will be her granddaughter, Shelly Dene, on the other end.

But Shelly hasn’t called her, or anyone else, in almost two years.

“There are times I cry,” said Katie, holding back tears. “Nobody knows how many tears I’ve shed ever since she’s been gone.”

Shelly Tannis Dene was recorded by Edmonton city police as a missing person in November 2013, though she had been out of contact with her family since July.

At first, her family assumed the independent woman had set off on a trip to the Yukon, but as time passed without word, her family’s concerns turned to dread. No matter what struggles she was facing, her younger sister, Candice L’Hommecourt, says Shelly always…

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