26 Injured, 9 Killed In Baltimore Shootings During Memorial Day Weekend

cropped-crimedonotenter.jpgBaltimore has faced its deadliest month since 1999 after 32 shootings left nine people dead this Memorial Day weekend.

Among the wounded was a 17-year-old boy shot in the arm and a 9-year-old boy shot in the leg, according to CBS Baltimore.

The violence began during the weekend and spilled into Monday, with two more people killed shortly after Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) met with the Baltimore Police Department to discuss the violence, The Baltimore Sun reports.

The Sun reports there have been 35 homicides so far this month and 108 this year. By comparison, New York City — with a significantly higher population — has seen 115 murders this year.

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Rest In Peace To My Friend, Comedian Sco The Gamesman

who you may see in the ATL_ Comedian @eppsie post (1)

Sco the Gamesman, along with Comedian Mike Epps and T.I.

The other day while strolling my Twitter feed, I started noticing R.I.P.’s and condolences sent to comedian/actor @Scobubble also known as “Sco the Gamesman”.

My heart began to race, “RIP?!” — I couldn’t search down his name fast enough to find out what had happened. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in a while.

Apparently the larger than life comedian had lost his battle with cancer over the weekend. I was completely devastated upon hearing the news especially since I wasn’t aware that he had cancer.

___ _Sco Bubble_ Medical Campaign by Randy ScobubI met “Sco” at Atlanta’s UPTOWN Comedy Corner club where he was a well loved staple and was known for his pimp-esque demeanor, street lingo and verbiage in his standup routines. Our first interaction was as if we had known one another for years, he reminded me of an uncle or the quintessential old school player from the hood. We were kindred spirits. I really took a liking to Sco and we always had a good time bantering back and forth at various social events as well as on social media.

I am absolutely heartbroken to know that Sco is no longer with us but I have no doubt he is in heaven keeping everyone entertained. He was an amazing guy, as real as they come.

My condolences go to his family. Anyone who knew Sco loved him. He was one of the last original OG’s left. He is already missed and VERY MUCH LOVED and ADORED!


Bill O’Reily Denies Beating His Wife In Front Of Their Children

Hypocritical much?

Mr. O’Reily loves throwing stones, and apparently he himself lives within his own glass house.

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Florida Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Arrested For Aggravated Assault


Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson, the hood hero who admittingly shot at child predator killer George Zimmerman was arrested in Florida on yesterday. He has since been released on $35K bail.

Apperson said that he was in fear for his life and shot at Zimmerman’s pickup truck in self defense. The two  have reportedly had ongoing beef so apparently when Apperson saw Zimmerman –he popped a cap at him.

Witnesses at the scene said that Apperson can be overheard after the shooting saying, “I hope I got him this time”.

 Better luck next time.

Legal analysts are predicting that Apperson may be able to use the “Stand Your Ground” law as his defense. Ironically, the “Stand Your Ground” defense is the same defense George Zimmerman used to gain an acquittal for the killing of black teenager, Trayvon Martin.

There may be few cases in the history of criminology where the “suspect” is actually the hailed as the good guy and the “victim” — the bad guy. This might be one of those cases.

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FILE - In this July 9, 2013 file photo, George Zimmerman leaves the courtroom for a lunch break his trial in Seminole Circuit Court, in Sanford, Fla. A Seminole County Sheriff's Office statement says Zimmerman was arrested Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, after deputies responded to a disturbance call at a house in Apopka, Fla. Zimmerman will be transported and booked into jail.  (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank, Pool, File)

George Zimmerman

Via Huffington Post:

The man who shot at George Zimmerman during a confrontation along a busy central Florida road has been ordered by a judge to turn in his weapons and avoid contact with Zimmerman.

Matthew Apperson made his first appearance before a judge Saturday. The Orlando Sentinel  reports he was released on $35,000 bond after being charged Friday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and firing a missile into an occupied conveyance.

Zimmerman’s attorney said the former neighborhood watch volunteer was driving to a doctor’s appointment Monday when Apperson intentionally fired his gun into Zimmerman’s truck without provocation.

The passenger window of Zimmerman’s pickup had a bullet hole in it, and Zimmerman suffered minor injuries from flying glass and debris.

Zimmerman and Apperson were involved in a road-rage episode last September.