Teacher Had Sex With 17 Year Old Student Says She Didn’t Know It Was Illegal


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Former high school teacher Tanya Ramirez pled guilty to sleeping with a 17-year-old student. Albeit her guilty plea, she says she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong and doesn’t understand why she was charged because the sex was “consensual.” She also believes she was “set up” because the student recorded the sexual act and immediately distributed the grainy video to at least 10 friends. 

The 10 second tape was eventually turned over to school officials, along with text messages the two had exchanged. She was fired and charged with improper relations with a student.

What’s even more shocking is that she shows 0% remorse and seems to be somewhat proud to tell her story. In fact, she claims to be the victim and is currently suing the student and his mother for defamation, among other things. What another brain wasted. 

Check out PART 1 of the interview with Tanya Ramirez:

In Part 2 of the interview the student recalls his version of events leading up to their sexual encounter:

In Part 3, the mother of the student gives her account of the matter and says she wishes her son had “never even met Ms Ramirez”:

47 Yr Old GA Kindergarten Teacher Found Having Relationship With 14 Yr Old Student

Jennifer Lynn Robinson, 47, is accused of being involved with a 14-year-old student, Upson County.

Robinson, who teaches kindergarten at Upson-Lee South Elementary School, was arrested after the school discovered inappropriate behavior on her school computer Facebook page, which had been left open. The school deputy superintendent contacted authorities about the teacher.

In a statement released, the sheriff said Robinson allegedly had an going relationship with the Upson Middle School eighth-grader from July 1 to Feb. 21.

Robinson is currently being held in the Upson County Jail on five counts of child molestation and five counts of aggravated child molestation. 

60 Yr Old Texas Teacher Caught Having Sexual Relationship With 17 Yr Old Student 

Farley Ashford Simon, charged with two felony counts of an improper relationship between an educator and a student.

Irving police spokesman:

“One encounter was in December of 2015, and another encounter was in January of 2016.” 

The mother of the student was going through her daughter’s cellphone and became suspicious that the 17-year-old girl was having a relationship with Simon, a 60-year-old Junior ROTC instructor. She reported it to school officials.

The district said it placed the second year teacher on leave and “contacted the proper agencies that same day.”

The two allegedly engaged in sexual acts at Luzon Park near the school, and at a Best Western motel in Irving.

 Simon denied the allegations, but they also went through the student’s phone and tablet.

Keyes said:

“The detectives obtained evidence to confirm the encounter did occur at both locations.”

Photographic evidence proves the instructor violated a student… and the law. At this point, there is not believed to be any other potential victims.

The Irving Independent School District released the following statement:

 On January 20, 2016, Irving ISD officials learned of allegations against a male teacher at Irving High School. The district immediately began its investigation and placed the teacher on leave. In addition, Irving ISD officials contacted proper agencies on that same day.

 The teacher, who has been employed by Irving ISD since 2014 as a JROTC instructor, was arrested by the Irving Police Department on February 19.

 While privacy laws prevent us from sharing specific details, we can reassure our families that we took immediate and appropriate action. Being on administrative leave prevents the teacher from working with students and being present on any Irving ISD property.

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