Tennessee Teen Kills His Mother Because She Took His Cellphone

OMG new millennium parenting has got to be extremely difficult. This is the grim reality of the challenges today’s parents face… discipline your child & possibly lose your life as a result. What gives? How did we end up here?

Teen Catches Felony for Flashing Gun Hand Symbol at Classmates

NBC News – A Kansas middle school student faces a felony charge after she flashed a gun-like hand gesture at several classmates.

The unidentified teen, 13, stands accused of placing her fingers into a gun stance and pointing it at several peers and then herself when asked by a peer whom she would kill.

According to USA Today, the incident occurred Sept. 18 at Westridge Middle School in Overland Park, Kansas. The girl was arrested the following day and charged with threatening a mass shooting. Continue reading →

Insurance Co. Demands Deion Sanders Pay $43K Medical Bills For Son’s School Beatdown — Bossip

Deion Sanders and his ex-wife are solely to blame for their son’s brutal attack on a school employee – who suffered such severe injuries he had to undergo spinal surgery.

That’s according to the school’s insurance company, which is demanding the NFL legend be ordered to pay $43,000 for the costs of their employee John Darjean’s medical bills. Darjean, an employee at the Dallas high school that Deion’s son attends, sued Deion and his ex-wife Pilar in Dallas County Court demanding mire than one million dollars in damages for the brutal attack at the hands of their offspring.

Darjean said in court papers that he tried to confiscate Deion’s teenage son’s cellphone – which was being used despite school rules banning the use of the device – and it caused the kid to go nuts and brutally beat down the employee. The alleged assault was so bad he needed to go to a local hospital and ended up having spinal surgery.

Earlier this year, the man’s insurance company filed suit over the attack and is seeking $26,000 from the former couple to reimburse the payout they sent Darjean following the attack. The company has accused Deion’s son of having a history of reckless conduct and have blamed his parents for not doing anything to fix his behavior. That lawsuit is still pending and Deion nor Pilar have responded to the suit in court.

Deion has publically said the allegations are false and the man accusing his son of attacking him is a liar and called out the man’s character as being shady. But the school employee filed suit in Dallas County Court on June 20th, just days after Deion publically called him out for targeting his family due to their wealth.

Darjean said he acted in a reasonable and rational manner when asking Deion’s son for his cellular phone, but Shilo Sanders response was to physically assault him, causing him severe and permanent injuries including permanent neurological injuries and damage to his cervical spine.

He blames Deion and his ex-wife Pilar of failing to supervise their child and failing to raise him to not act like a savage in public.


Mom Charged After Telling Teen Son Who Was Shot ‘Just Go To Bed’

A Florida mom is facing felony charges after she initially refused to take her 13-year-old son to the hospital after he was shot at a street party.

Latasha Staley said she didn’t want to get law enforcement involved when her son came to her about 5 a.m. suffering from a gunshot wound. She supposedly told the teen, “It looks like a graze; Just go to bed,” according to the police report.

Staley was arrested two days later at the Wendy’s restaurant where she works. She was charged with felony child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The mother was previously tasked with supervising the teen, who was on probation for his involvement in an August shooting, auto theft and assault with a deadly weapon.

Christina Brown, a neighbor who heard about the street party shooting from her nephew, said:

“They want to party, they want to have fun and hang out, but where do you draw the line?”

Teacher Had Sex With 17 Year Old Student Says She Didn’t Know It Was Illegal


Photo: Dr Phil Show

Former high school teacher Tanya Ramirez pled guilty to sleeping with a 17-year-old student. Albeit her guilty plea, she says she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong and doesn’t understand why she was charged because the sex was “consensual.” She also believes she was “set up” because the student recorded the sexual act and immediately distributed the grainy video to at least 10 friends. 

The 10 second tape was eventually turned over to school officials, along with text messages the two had exchanged. She was fired and charged with improper relations with a student.

What’s even more shocking is that she shows 0% remorse and seems to be somewhat proud to tell her story. In fact, she claims to be the victim and is currently suing the student and his mother for defamation, among other things. What another brain wasted. 

Check out PART 1 of the interview with Tanya Ramirez:

In Part 2 of the interview the student recalls his version of events leading up to their sexual encounter:

In Part 3, the mother of the student gives her account of the matter and says she wishes her son had “never even met Ms Ramirez”: