I’ve Met His Friends, But He Doesn’t Acknowledge Us On Social Media

Being a crime based site, I normally don’t post relationship stuff, but every now and then a story will intrigue me enough and I feel compelled to share.

Today’s social media phenomena has created and facilitated an abundant need for people to feel loved, I call it computer love. The need for computer love is so great that a large portion of society, both old and young, now feel that if their real life relationship is not validated by “In a Relationship” or “Married To” social media status, then it is not valid at all. Some will even settle for a “It’s Complicated.”

The need to feel computer loved is real, but is it ruining people’s lives? Apparently so!

Dear Bossip,

I have been dating this guy for almost a year and everything is great between us.

It’s a long distance relationship, but it’s a 3 hour drive and we try to see each other every month or so. He has a very small circle of friends that he actually hangs with on a daily basis and I’ve met them. I haven’t met his mom because she is heavily religious and unless he proposes that’s when she would want to meet me. But, she does know of me. I also met his grandfather.
However, the problem I’m having is that his friends have no knowledge of our relationship on social media, which bothers me because I have trust issues from past relationships. And, he knows this, but according to him the 4,000 plus friends that he has on there doesn’t matter. He says that the people that matter in his life know of me. So, I don’t know if I should be concerned or just leave it alone because I don’t see why a guy wouldn’t want to put that out there if he has a girlfriend if he’s that happy.

Why Hide Me

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I’m Seeing A Co-Worker, Who Is Separated, But He’s Being Distant

I posted this because I had a friend that was going through the exact same scenario with a married man at her job, but the kicker was, SHE WAS MARRIED TOO! I gave her the same advice, girl you’re tripping.

It’s amazing how many women put themselves in these types of situations and then fall in love with the guy. I’m glad I am not the fall easy type of girl. It takes me a looooong time to commit. I’ll keep it that way.


Here’s my situation – I started seeing this guy that works in my building. I just broke up with my ex due to cheating, and he (the new guy) is going through something similar, so he says.

His wife cheated on him numerous times with a co-worker. I believe him because he went into detail about how he caught her and how he wants a divorce and she won’t sign, blah blah blah.  Well, after talking with him and going on a few dates we slept together and it was great. Then, he started being distant. He used to text me every morning and when we would make plans he cancels with some last minute notice, not always but mostly.

So, I asked him, “Are you interested in someone else, or in getting back with your wife?” They are legally separated, and I wanted to know because I’m not mistress material. And, he got mad and said I’m accusing him and I should just ask, which I thought I was doing. He said he is friendly with other females in our building.

I know I shouldn’t sh*t where I eat, but it was something about him. He was a gentleman. He didn’t ask for sex right off. And, he kisses me like I’ve never been kissed before. I really like him and he says he likes me and that he wants more, but his actions don’t show it. I have started to let him go. What should I do?  Is he a hoe or did this woman, his wife, mess him up to the point that he’s like “F” every broad?

I’ve asked friends for advice and they said maybe the cookie was too good to him and he wasn’t expecting that. He has told me the sex is amazing, but he’s a guy how many so how many times has he said that is what I’m thinking. I’m too grown for this, and I’m new to dating after 7 years of being with one person. I’m 32 years old. I don’t want my insecurity to block a good man that God will send by thinking the worst. – Unsure and Getting Over Heart Break

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Wendy Williams Loses Sponsorship Deals Following HBCU & NAACP Comments

Wendy Williams is finally paying for her words. Literally.

Bossip recently reported that the wreckless talk show host recently got on her high horse to discuss Jesse Williams’ incredibly relevant and powerful BET Awards speech.


Unfortunately, the words must have been lost upon Wendy because she went totally left with her thoughts about race in America.

Check out the clip below:

“I would be really offended if there was a school known as a historically white college,” Williams says. “We have historically black colleges.”

Well, according to B. Scott the talk show host has lost a very lucrative deal following her idiotic comments. – Good riddance!

Read more about it here, on BOSSIP.

Oh and while we’re on Wendy Williams, check out this throwback radio interview of her & my favorite TV judge, Judge Mathis. 

Wendy “attempted” to be her usual obnoxious domineering “personality” but was quickly halted in her bear tracks by the former drug dealer turned “distinguished” lawyer & judge. He boldly called out Wendy’s alleged cocaine addiction & accused her of “getting high in the bathroom” and having “powder around her nose.”

By the end of the read there wasn’t much left for the six foot something bully of a talk show host (who prides herself on “keeping it real”) to attack. 

The “Detroit native” accused the shock jock of spewing gossip & strongly advised her not to throw stones from a glass house because he wasn’t afraid to toss a few stones back.

“It’s tough dealing with a real one…” 

Go Judge go! Join the discussion.

Is Lil Kim Close To Losing Mansion Over Unpaid Taxes?

Rap diva Lil Kim is rumored to be in danger of losing her home according to a report. 

According to reports from Bossip: 
With Lil Kim making domestic violence allegations and facing a child custody battle, it’s no wonder that she let her finances lapse. But the IRS doesn’t care, and last month, slapped the pint-sized rapper with a federal […]


Rap Diva Lil Kim Claims Domestic Violence In Custody Battle

 Today, details paired with more messiness in the Lil Kim vs. Mr. Papers custody battle over baby Royal Reign have come to the light. 

Via court docs obtained by Bossip, Kim claims Papers abused her.

Conversely, in an excessive interview with someone close to the situation, claims of domestic violence are vehemently denied. 

Mr. Papers aka Jeremy Neil has been trying […]