Wendy Williams Loses Sponsorship Deals Following HBCU & NAACP Comments

Wendy Williams is finally paying for her words. Literally.

Bossip recently reported that the wreckless talk show host recently got on her high horse to discuss Jesse Williams’ incredibly relevant and powerful BET Awards speech.


Unfortunately, the words must have been lost upon Wendy because she went totally left with her thoughts about race in America.

Check out the clip below:

“I would be really offended if there was a school known as a historically white college,” Williams says. “We have historically black colleges.”

Well, according to B. Scott the talk show host has lost a very lucrative deal following her idiotic comments. – Good riddance!

Read more about it here, on BOSSIP.

Oh and while we’re on Wendy Williams, check out this throwback radio interview of her & my favorite TV judge, Judge Mathis. 

Wendy “attempted” to be her usual obnoxious domineering “personality” but was quickly halted in her bear tracks by the former drug dealer turned “distinguished” lawyer & judge. He boldly called out Wendy’s alleged cocaine addiction & accused her of “getting high in the bathroom” and having “powder around her nose.”

By the end of the read there wasn’t much left for the six foot something bully of a talk show host (who prides herself on “keeping it real”) to attack. 

The “Detroit native” accused the shock jock of spewing gossip & strongly advised her not to throw stones from a glass house because he wasn’t afraid to toss a few stones back.

“It’s tough dealing with a real one…” 

Go Judge go! Join the discussion.

One Comment

  1. Last week, Wendy Williams caught some major flak after making comments regarding HBCUs and the NAACP. The comments came on the heels of Jesse Williams riveting BET Awards acceptance speech.



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