Exclusive Interview With Ieshia Evans: The Queen In The Sundress

Ieshia Evans is being deemed everything from ‘super (s)he-ro’ to ‘the queen in a sundress.’


The 28 year old mother is the woman behind one of the most iconic photos surrounding the Baton Rouge protests last week. 

Ieshia, along with other protestors,  were arrested for obstruction of a highway after refusing to move during the Alton Sterling protests in which demonstrators attempted to shut down city streets & highways in protest of police killings of black men. Her silent defiance and courage has become a beacon of light & strength for us all. 

Check out this interview with the beautiful & soft spoken mother of a 5 year old little boy as she explains her reasons for facing armed guards and their machine guns with such grace. She said she did it for not only her son & brothers, but for black people as a race. 

She points to her arm, referencing her skin color:

“I am you – we are one and people need to know that”

Ieshia Evans, we love you! Stay strong you beautiful goddess, your strength is inspirational and inspiring. đź‘‘ You ARE me and I AM you!

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