Congress Says Tik Tok Connected to the Cartel?

Weird stuff here. I’m not a Tik Toker but I know how wildly popular the site is. People of all ages and races love the new social media platform, but it’s apparently at risk of being shut down by the US Government.

According to Vice, Congress believes the Chinese based company has strong cartel ties and promotes drug use?

In addition to fierce online resistance and hashtag campaigns, fans have also created a petition in hopes to help save the social media site from cancellation.

I don’t know if Congress will consider, but here is the link to the petition if you’re interested.

And follow Vice News on Tik Tok.

Dope Tweetz: How Minorities Get into College

Racist Conservative Threatens to Shoot Black Women and Children in the Back

What a sick POS. Please share to social media and expose this bigot ass maggot MAGAt. Only a bitchmade coward shoots from behind.

This is the new face of terrorism.

Here is the video:

WATCH: Man Posts How-To Video on Social Media Removing His Ankle Monitor; Catches Felonies

Some people are just too stupid to be criminals.

Here’s some advice, don’t try this at home and if you (for whatever reason) do try it, do not post the DIY video online.

Social media wins again.


Protect Your Instagram Account from Hackers

KTLA talked to a woman who says she woke up one day to realize her Instagram account had been hacked!

Linda says when her Instagram account was hacked, she felt like it was an invasion of her privacy and fought to get it back. She emailed back and forth with Instagram for nearly two weeks. Finally, she got a message from the social media app with a way to restore her account and take back her name.

Hustlers, here’s some advice from Linda on how to fight back if something similar happens to you. Continue reading →