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Michigan Teen Shot At Knocking on Random Door for Directions

I’m not sure what to make of this story. It’s so horrendous that we live in a world in which children are now viewed a dangerous threat to adults. I really hate that this child had to learn the hard way just how cutthroat society really is, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

In my opinion, black parents should probably teach their kids to ask for help in public places such as stores, gas stations or businesses rather than knocking on random people’s doors. I am in no way condoning blasting at anyone on sight but personally I don’t care for uninvited visitors and automatically go on high alert if someone violates my space without invitation, especially if I don’t know you. It’s nothing personal it’s just that the sign of the times that we live in.

The man who shot at the child claims he had been a victim of burglary multiple times and assumed that the kid was there to “victimize” him again. The sad part is, he might get away with that defense.

Thankfully the kid was not hurt.

What are your thoughts on this?

Brennan Walker didn’t make the morning bus to school. He didn’t have his phone. And he wasn’t sure how to get to his high school. Continue reading →

WATCH: Wisconsin Company Hosts “Chip Party” for Employees to Replace ID Badges

I can’t ever see agreeing to something like this. Imagine all of the data they are able to collect from these microchips.

I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist but here lately I find a lot of those theories about the powers that be seeking to control us via progressive technology such as microchips are coming into fruition, or at least they appear to be, and that’s actually quite terrifying.

Hustlers, is this a sign of the Mark of the Beast or innovative technology?

For more info, check out this article that I found on USA Today: “You Will Get Chipped — Eventually

Corrupt Rehab Facilities Are Now Cashing in on Patient Relapses

VICE — After entering a rehab facility, 85 percent of recovering drug addicts will relapse within a year, according to the American Addiction Centers. And according to veteran sober home owner Adam Jasinski, corrupt rehab centers in South Florida, the epicenter of the opioid treatment industry, bank on that statistic for financial gain.

On this week’s episode of DOPESICK NATION, Jasinski explains just how fraudulent facilities can put people’s sobriety, and lives, at risk.

“These places were holding barns for kids to wait ’til they relapsed,” he said of sober living homes that allegedly make shady deals with treatment centers. “So the unscrupulous people would ease that process along. They’d come through with a bag of dope, get your dirty urine, and then sell you for 2,000 bucks.”

This is terrible. It seems that almost everything is for sale these days, even sobriety.

What are your thoughts?

Elder Actress Bette Midler Tweets Women are the New ‘N’ Word; Gets Dragged Back to Broadway

Really Bette Midler?

After getting dragged back to “Hokus Pokus” on social media and in the press, she deleted the tweet and apologized.

In spite of her apology, she continued to somewhat defend her statement and even used John Lennon’s words (The Beatles) for backup.

The whole thing is just too exhausting for me to dig into, but if you’re interested check out this article on USA Today.