Happy Thanksgiving from The Pen Hustle

Hey hustlers!

I just wanted to drop off a little humor & say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from The Pen Hustle!

I am constantly amazed by the support & love you show me and this blog even when I am on hiatus at times. I am more than thankful to have such dedicated viewers who take time to stop by and check out my thoughts & opinions. I appreciate you and I am forever grateful for every view, retweet, repost, share, like & subscription. I owe you everything. I am so full of gratitude.

Have a wonderful holiday.

— Love, Bee

Are You a Violent Crime Survivor?

If you or someone you know has ever been a victim of a violent crime and survived here’s a chance to not only tell your story but advocate for other survivors just like you!

Take the *survey to share your story of healing and recovery and help someone else heal at the same time.

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Indonesian Man Threatens To Sue KFC When His Burger Didn’t Look Like the One on the Menu

Lmao, I’m guessing this guy has never eaten at McDonalds or 99% of the fast food chains out there because the food ALMOST NEVER looks like commercial or menu.

He posted photos comparing the burger he got with the one on KFC’s menu. The one on the menu had fluffy buns filled with crispy chicken, lettuce, a slice of cheese, and sauce, but the burger he said he received had dry-looking buns, a shy-looking patty, and no other fillings or sauce.

After seeing the sandwich he received I can kind of see his point lol. That looks like a basic chicken patty straight out of the grocery store. No telling what he paid for it. Those meal delivery services can be pretty pricey.

Vice — Erwin Sandi was so disappointed with his “underwhelming” chicken burger from KFC that he planned to take the fast food restaurant to court. In a now viral Facebook post from Nov. 15, Erwin complained about the Krunchy Burger he received from a local KFC outlet in Palopo, a city in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province, which he ordered through a food delivery app. He called the sandwich “disappointing” and said that it “didn’t look like the picture at all.” “KFC is good at deceiving their customers,” he wrote in his post.

“I tried to call [KFC], but no one answered the phone. This is the second time I received food that didn’t look like the picture,” he told local media

Erwin claimed that he bought six burgers the previous week and that those didn’t look like what was on the menu either.

“It looked underwhelming. I can’t believe a large franchise like KFC sells such unfinished burgers,” he added.

Erwin told local media that he planned to file a lawsuit against the local branch.

Lol. Do you think he is over-reacting or nah? Let me know in the comments.

Milwaukee Man Plows Vehicle Through Christmas Parade; Kills Five People

Darrell Brooks Jr.

Darrell Brooks Jr. is the man suspected of being the driver who viciously plowed through a crowded Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin killing 5 people and injuring at least 40.

Brooks has been charged three times in less than two years with recklessly endangering the safety of others, most recently in an incident in which he is accused of running a woman over with his vehicle in Milwaukee.

As of now there is no motive given for his horrific actions, though some reports say he was fleeing the scene of another crime.

Brooks faces at least five counts of first-degree intentional homicide as well as additional charges. The penalty for first-degree intentional homicide is a mandatory life prison sentence.

Women Who Met As CoWorkers & Find Out They Are Biological Sisters

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison

I just love these kinds of stories.

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met as coworkers in 2013 and quickly became friends. Both had been adopted from the Dominican Republic, and they joked about being sisters. After discovering a paperwork error, they took a DNA test that confirmed they were in fact, real sisters!

They are both beautiful & they definitely have the same eyes. Check out their sweet story here on Insider.