Auntie Shirleen Says: Stop Stealing!

Lol! So true! If it’s one thing I can’t stand, its a dirty low down impostor.

Check out this post I wrote a couple years ago about imitators: IMITATION IS NOT ART: Pay Yo Taxes 

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Hip Hop Soul Singer Mary J Blige Ordered To Pay Ex Husband $30 Racks A Month & $235 Racks In Back Pay



This story doesn’t really have anything to do with crime other than the fact that Mary’s estranged no good dirty dog husband just got away with highway DAMN robbery! This is what you call a TRUE CRIME!

I cannot believe this woman has to give up $30k/month of her hard earned money to take care of this able bodied grown man. The fact that he even ‘demanded’ $130k/month to take of his side chick is even more gut wrenching. He’s clearly trying to drive her straight to the poor house and what’s crazy is according to Mary, HE was the cheater and mental abuser of the marriage. How heartless.


Mary and Kendu on their wedding day.

Poor Mary has been through complete hell and back with men in her life but this one has got to cut the deepest. It’s one thing to lose your man, but its a whole ‘nother to lose all of your money to that man. His actions pretty much prove what kind of guy he is — a lying, cheating, manipulating predator very clearly in it for the bag and nothing but the BAG! Mary is resilient so I am sure this will all end up working out for her. Are there appeals in divorce court? — Hopefully there is!

TMZ writes:

Mary J. Blige is gonna have to cough up some emergency relief dough to her estranged husband while their divorce plays out, but he’s gotta be disappointed by how much he’s getting.

A judge has ordered Mary to pay Martin Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support. Big number, no doubt, but way less than what he requested … $129,319 per month.

The court found Martin was entitled to some dough to accommodate the standard of living he was used to while married to Mary, but also decided his dream number was unreasonable. 

Mary will also have to pay retroactive spousal support dating back to September … and his attorney fees — that comes to $235k.

One last interesting note … the court says Mary and Martin were living beyond their means during their marriage and still have millions of dollars to pay back in taxes.

Unbelievable. And to suggest that Kendu would be “disappointed” because he did not receive the requested amount of $129,319 of somebody else’s money is ridiculous. Some would say this is what women do to men everyday, especially someone of wealth and/or fame. Maybe I am still operating in the stone age, but I just don’t think a man should ever ask for a woman’s money. I don’t care how rich she is. Mary should have definitely shoved a pre-nup down this guy’s throat or better yet, never married him. Fight back Mary! Protect the bag!

Unfortunately, the social media roast has officially began. Check out this post on Twitter.

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Jersey Woman Distracted On Cellphone Falls Through Sidewalk Hatch

According to KTLA — A woman was seriously injured when she fell through a New Jersey sidewalk access door while looking at her phone in Plainfield Thursday.

The incident occurred around noon as the 67-year-old woman was walking on Somerset Street in Plainfield, according to KTLA sister station WPIX in New York City.

Surveillance video showed the woman was using her cellphone when she flipped over the access door in front of Acme Windows, falling several feet into a utility room below where several people were working.

She was extracted by emergency crews and rushed to the hospital.

The woman, who has not been identified, is listed in serious condition.

Authorities say the doors were open for the repair of gas lines.

I smell a lawsuit, especially if there was not proper *WARNING* signage. In addition to it being a 67 year old lady, this could have easily been someone’s child. I know cell phones are distracting, but why would repair crews leave a gaping hole unattended in the middle of a sidewalk?

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California Man Posed As A Police Officer & Kidnapped Woman He Met Online During Arranged ‘Role Play’ Date

SMH! I am all for people finding love, but the internet is becoming more and more of a breeding ground for perverts, weirdos, and down right rapists to target women and kids. It’s disgusting. I’ll stick to the old fashioned way of dating.. or just not date at all! 

According to KTLA:

A Los Alamitos man was charged Friday with several felonies after allegedly posing as an undercover police officer and kidnapping a woman he met online to commit a sexual offense, prosecutors said.

Sean Michael Vasquez, 35, faced four felony counts: kidnapping to commit a sex offense; false imprisonment by violence, fraud or deceit; forcible oral copulation; and assault with intent to commit sexual offense, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

He also was charged with impersonating a police officer, a misdemeanor offense, and faced a sentencing allegation that the kidnapping resulted in a substantial increase in harm to the victim, the release stated.

Vasquez, who is being held on $1 million bail, could receive a maximum sentence of 31 years to life in prison if convicted on the charges.

The incident began on May 13, when the defendant — going by the name “Alex” –allegedly posed as a modeling agent online, where he met the 22-year-old victim and communicated with her through a series of text messages over several weeks, according to prosecutors.

He is accused of setting up a “role play” date with the victim where the woman would pretend to be a prostitute and meet him in an Anaheim parking lot, the release stated.

When they met at the location, Vasquez allegedly flashed a badge and told the woman he was an undercover police officer. He is then suspected of driving the victim to the parking lot of a self-storage facility, where he handcuffed her, prosecutors said.

Vasquez then placed the victim in the backseat and got her driver’s license. Meanwhile, he also sent her texts as “Alex” in an effort to continue the “charade,” the release stated.

He got into the back seat, locked the door and allegedly demanded the victim “orally copulate him to ‘fix’ her legal problem,” prosecutors said.

When she refused, Vasquez is accused of kidnapping the victim, driving her to areas in Santa Ana known for prostitution and demanded that she rob potential johns.

When she was unable to do so, he allegedly drove her to a secluded location in a residential neighborhood and forced her to orally copulate him; he then drove the victim back to her vehicle, according to the DA’s office.

She then reported the incident to the Anaheim Police Department, which began an investigation into the case.

Investigators are concerned that Vasquez may have had other additional victims, and they are asking for the public’s help to identify any other possible ones.


Atlanta Auntie Shirleen Prays For Women To Stop Being So Desperate For Love

Some of you may remember “Aunt Shirleen” from her pleas to stop women from wearing waist shapers after her neice “fell out at the Red Lobster on Candler Road.” Hysterical. See the video here

Aunt Shirleen’s cries to “stop training your waist-ess” sent the internet into hysterics and branded her skits (in my opinion) alongside Tyler Perry’s “Madea” and Rickey Smiley’s “Sister Bernice Jenkins” as one of the funniest southern women impersonations of today’s time. I can’t get enough! If you’re from the south, you know a Aunt Shirleen or you HAVE a Aunt Shirleen.

Well Aunt Shirleen is back! This time she is calling an emergency church meeting to pray for her friend Bernice’s neice “Proserity” who “took a whole church van” down to the jail to date some prisoners. 

I laugh, but I was actually approached a couple years back by a casting agency to participate in a show about prison wives. After a few casting meetings, I respectfully declined, mainly because I wondered what the outside world would think. According to Aunt Shirleen I would’ve been “desprut” for love. Soon after, me and my “prisoner” went on to split. Thank God I dodged a bullet with that one! Literally.

Check out the hilarious video “Casting for Wives of Inmates” below and make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.