Suge Knight Granted Bail Reduction In Hit And Run Case

Apparently the refusal to “snitch” on Suge Knight by Cle “Bone” Sloan, (the man he is accused of mowing down in his red pickup truck outside of “Tam’s” burgers in L.A.) has worked in Suge’s favor as he received some good news in court today.

The judge not only dropped one charge against him of hit and run, but he also lowered his bail from $25 million to a “much more doable” $10 million.

Suge’s attorneys stated that he could make bail as early as this week.

Hopefully if Suge is released on bail he will “steer clear” of any trouble out in them streets and work on getting his health in order before the trial. He is also still fighting an armed robbery case with co-defendant comedian Katt Williams over the theft of a paparazzi’s camera in 2014.

Stay Tuned….

Suge Knight’s bail reduced to $10 million in fatal hit and run case.

Via TMZ:

Suge Knight just got a big break … the judge in his murder case drastically reduced his bail, and it looks like bail is now doable.

The judge second-guessed his decision to set bail at $25 million, and lowered it this morning to $10 mil.

Suge’s lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, tells us, he now thinks Suge can make bail … as early as today.

And good news for Suge on another front. The judge dropped 1 of the hit-and-run counts in the fatal Tam’s parking lot collision.

The bad news for Suge … the judge didn’t drop the murder or attempted murder counts.

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