Imitation Is Not Art: Pay Yo Taxes

copyThe art of imitation has been a topic very dear to me for many years.

As society becomes more and more cookie cutter-esque, the more people imitate and copy what they see others do. Everyone seemingly wears the same name brand clothes, strives to drive the same name brand cars –basically live the same name brand lifestyle.

The phrase “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” has been accepted as truth and in terms of artistry, it couldn’t be more untrue. Imitation is not flattery at all, it’s downright insulting.

There are many things that can be duplicated but authentic swag and talent cannot. Do general people like the same things, have similar interests and share overall general similarities? —ABSOLUTELY! Honestly, similarities are usually what attracts, but at the end of the day no 2 people on earth (not even identical twins) are exactly alike –and no 2 people should want to be.

The main issue is that society won’t celebrate its people for who they are and what they uniquely bring into the universe. Society wants us all alike, cut from the same cookie cutter cloth.

Sometimes even I question my own identity and look to others for inspiration, but I have never wanted to be just like someone else. The trailblazer in me won’t allow me to jack for swag. Lots of other people inspire me and I am most certainly not afraid to show respect to my influencers but I truly appreciate individualism. I could never value an imitator of the real thing.

In the hood they call em fakes.

My pals are and I are a unique bunch. Yes we all have similar values, taste and swaggers but we differ on many other levels and here’s the thing –we celebrate those differences! We all have our own lanes and we coast em out, confident in our own pace in the race. We tend to inspire each other and celebrate each other for our similarities and unique differences. Not normal right? Right.

The problem with society today is that people seem to be afraid to admit or acknowledge those that inspire(d) them. People flat out won’t admit when they are jacking for swag. Why is that? Does admitting to such lessen one’s self esteem? Or is there an assumption that people wont notice such blatant vile and disrespectful behavior? Has society as a whole gone blind batshit crazy? I digress.

I got 99 problems and the art of imitation is most certainly one but the bigger problem is that society accepts and welcomes such nonsensical shenanigans.

Unfortunately for devoted artists and creators, the world loves a great gimmick.

Taking other people’s swag, ideas, talent, etc. and imitating it to the point where it becomes flat out duplication is dishonorable and most certainly not art. Everyone was put on earth to bring their own variation of flair.

I guess the point that I am making in all of this is if one has the balls to be a copy cat, then one should at least be a stand-up guy or gal and give credit where they know the credit is due.

It’s called a homage bill.

In the hood they call it payin’ yo taxes.


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