Jamaica’s Former Prime Minister To Retake The Stand In The Tivoli Enquiry Trial Surrounding The Dudus Coke Manhunt


Jamaica’s former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding to retake stand in Tivolil Enquiry for cross examination.

The Tivoli Commission of Enquiry is to be opened to the public on Monday.

The enquiry was scheduled to continue on Tuesday, after a break in February, but was put off until tomorrow due to the illness of Chairman Sir David Simmons and the visit of US President Barack Obama to Jamaica on Thursday.

The next sitting is on Friday, but the session will not be opened to the public, as attorneys are to make submissions on documents that requests are being made to keep out of the public, Commission Attorney Garth McBean, QC, told the Jamaica Observer.

When the commission reopens to the public, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding is to be recalled for questioning from Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, who is representing Rev Al Miller.

Miller was arrested and charged after Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, who was then on the run, was held in his presence in June of 2010. Miller had said that he was taking Coke to the US Embassy in Kingston on instruction from the authorities.

After Golding’s testimony, former Police Commissioner Owen Ellington will continue at the witness table.

The enquiry is looking into the police/military operation in the West Kingston area in May 2010 to apprehend then Tivoli Gardens strongman Coke.

More than 70 people, including a Jamaica Defence Force soldier, died as a result of the operation.

Jamaica Observer

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