63 Year Old New Jersey Woman Convicted Of Cutting Up Her Husband And Storing Remains In Tupperware


Loretta Burroughs, 63, was convicted in the 2007 killing of her husband.

Call her a pack rat. Call her guilty.

A New Jersey woman who took the dismembered remains of her husband with her when she moved at least twice has been found guilty of murder.

Loretta Doyle Burroughs, 63, of Ventnor City, was convicted in the 2007 killing of Doyle Burroughs after a four-day trial in Atlantic County Criminal Court in Mays Landing, N.J.

“The end of it all is Daniel Burroughs, decomposed in two Tupperware containers in this defendant’s closet,” Levy said. “This is how it ends.”

Investigators testified during the trial that the containers were each wrapped in nine trash bags, with air fresheners, dryer sheets and scented beads to mask the smell.

Burroughs’ remains were found inside the guest bedroom closet of the Ventnor home she was moving out of.

cold-case-remains-found1Superior Court Judge Michael A. Donio scheduled sentencing for April 22. Burroughs could face life in prison.

A medical examiner ruled Burroughs’ death a homicide and said the victim was attacked, but also said he couldn’t rule out natural causes because none of his organs were left.

Toxicology reports showed drugs in Burroughs system, include amphetamines.

“You don’t overdose on crystal meth and then cut yourself up,” Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy told the jury, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Burroughs told family that her husband left for another woman shortly before the couple was due to move to Florida in August 2007.

Investigators began re-examining the case after an unidentified family member provided new information to the newly created Cold Case Unit of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office in February 2013.

Crime Daily

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  1. Whether she killed him or not, just traveling around with him packed in tupperware case is reason enough to lock her up until she’s dust



  2. It’s not known if the victim died of natural causes, overdosed or was actually killed, and if the wife was even the killer, and if she cut him up.



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