New Orleans Rapper Mac’s Family Demands A New Trial In His 30 Yr Manslaughter Conviction


Witnesses believed to have given false testimony in murder trial against New Orleans rapper “Mac”.

The family of former No Limit Records artist McKinley “Mac” Phipps is demanding he receive a new trial after witnesses in his manslaughter case have recently come forth and admitted that they were bullied and coerced into pointing the finger at the New Orleans rapper as the killer.

The family and supporters of Mac are demanding a new trail.

“They ripped our family apart for no reason,” Phipps’ sister, Tiffany Phipps, said angrily. “They knew he didn’t do it and they didn’t care.”

The Huffington Post published the results of a four-month review of McKinley Phipps’ conviction, revealing that a key witness at his trial says now that she lied when she identified Phipps in court as the shooter because of prosecutors’ threats to charge her. Four other witnesses to the shooting said they also were threatened, intimidated or outright ignored by investigators.


Angelique Christina. Photo: Twitter

Phipps’ fiancée, Angelique Christina recently spoke out to the media about the case.

She said the case is a prime example of the egregious wrongs that are rampant within this country’s criminal justice system.”

“I can only hope that DA Warren Montgomery will right the unforgivable wrongs in this case not only for McKinley, but also for the family of the victim, the individuals that have been needlessly harassed and or jailed by the very officials who are supposed to protect and serve them, and finally, as a notable precedent for national justice reform.

Huffington Post: In-depth timeline of the case of “Mac” Phipps.

Editor’s Note:

We’re looking to get an exclusive Q & A with Angelique Christina regarding an update on the progress of the new petition.

Let’s just hope that in the wake of the new evidence the DA will do the right thing by granting a new trial and give both Mac’s family and the victim’s family the justice they all deserve.

Stay Tuned to The Pen Hustle.

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