Did Jamaican Gangster ‘Dudus Coke’ Inherit The Shower Posse Gang From His Father?


Rare Photo: Christopher Dudus Coke as a young boy

Dr Raphael Thomas, pastor of the Annotto Bay Gospel Chapel in St Mary, says the Bible teaches that the sins of the father are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations.

Coke, also known as the ‘President’ and ‘Strongman’, is the son of the deceased Lester Lloyd Coke, better known as ‘Jim Brown’, the progenitor of the Coke dynasty of dons who have ruled the west Kingston enclave of Tivoli Gardens for 25 years.


Lester Coke, original leader of the Jamaican Shower Posse died in a mysterious jailhouse fire in Jamaica in 1992.

The elder Coke died in his prison cell in February 1992 while awaiting the results of extradition proceedings that would have determined if he would be sent to the United States to answer charges filed against him in that country. Jim Brown died on the same day his son, known as ‘Jah T’, was buried. Jah T was said to be heir apparent at the time of his death.

Did young Dudus, who was 23 or 24 years old when he allegedly took control of his father’s empire, have much of a choice?

Some, like Dudus’ former math teacher, believe the writing was already on the wall, and that there was nothing he could do about the equation that had already been worked out for him.


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