WATCH: Terry “Southwest T” Flenory Of The Black Mafia Family Reports In Live From Prison


Terry Flenory, AKA Southwest T, 1/2 of the Flenory brothers currently incarcerated for running a multi million drug empire called into “The Morning Heat” show of his hometown Detroit and gave an exclusive interview from Florida prison.

Terry is the younger brother and somewhat less flamboyant brother of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, with whom he headed the Black Mafia Family. According to the feds, Southwest T ran the west coast operation which distributed drugs from California to all of its other hubs in major US cities. Both brothers were sentenced to over 30 years in federal penitentiary.

Check out this new interview with Southwest T in which he gave insight about what the legacy of BMF really stood for, his opinion on the state of hip hop today, the BMF clothing line, police brutality and why Black Lives Matter.

Support the Sylent Heart Foundation founded by BMF wife–First Lady of BMF– Tonesa Welch and help the Black Mafia Family rebuild lives and restore communities.

WATCH: The First Lady Of BMF, Toni Welch, Talks With Detroit’s 107.5


Tonesa Welch discusses the BMF clothing line, Sylent Heart Foundation and the state of the Black Mafia Family organization today.

Tonesa ‘Toni’ Welch, aka The Black Mafia Family’s First Lady stopped by her hometown Detroit’s HOT 107.5  radio station and give an update on the current state of BMF as well as to shed some light as to what the most known black drug organization of the new millennium she calls “family” was really about.

In the interview she gives her perspective on the organization and how she is giving back to the community through her own charity, Sylent Heart Foundation.

She says the Flenory brothers never hesitated to give back to those in the need. Upon her release, she started the Sylent Heart Foundation as a means to help children and families of incarcerated parents, something that she and her children experienced while she served time behind bars for her own ‘BMF’ indictment:

“I don’t care who needed help, we helped them and that’s why me being incarcerated myself and coming home, I wanted to carry that on”

She also discusses the now global BMF clothing line which was trademarked by her youngest son and is being worn by big name celebrities such as R&B singer Tank and Jermaine Dupri, whom she considers a longtime family friend.

Check the video: