Tennessee Man Lights Up Weed in Court Gets Arrested

LMAO! Free him!

WATCH: News Anchor Who Quit To Sell Weed Is Facing 24-Yrs-In Prison

Last year Bossip reported on Charlo Greene who quit while live on Alaskan TV to open a marijuana dispensary. Well, Alaska is not as forward thinking as California, Wa. State, or Oregon when it comes to weed and she has been charged with 8 criminal counts which could lead to a lengthy prison sentence.

The Guardian:

Greene quickly became a full-time cannabis advocate, working to help Alaskans access pot after the state became the third in the US to legalize recreational pot in November 2014.

But despite the voter-approved initiative, Alaska has not helped her start a legitimate marijuana operation. On the contrary, the state launched a series of undercover operations and raids at her club, ultimately charging her with eight serious criminal offenses of “misconduct involving a controlled substance”.

If convicted, she could face 24 years behind bars.

“It’s almost dizzying when you try to make sense of it,” Greene said in an exclusive interview with the Guardian about her upcoming trial. “It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life.”

Wow. Perhaps Charlo should’ve kept her day job.

California Lawmakers Want To Allow Police Use Of DUI Device To Check High Drivers

According to the LA Times: 

Legislation would allow police officers to use oral swab tests to strengthen cases when there is probable cause that a driver is impaired and the driver has failed sobriety field tests.

A hand-held electronic device would test for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and pain medications, including opiates, on the swab. 

According to Republican Sen. Bob Huff of San Dimas, who authored the bill:

“Sadly, we’ve become a nation of self-medicating, careless people. The public is naïve in understanding how dangerous our roads are made by people who are abusing opiates, meth and cannabis.”

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