Tennessee Man Lights Up Weed in Court Gets Arrested

LMAO! Free him!

Memphis Man Urinated On Cereal Products In Kellogg Factory 


Ok so where do I begin? Let me just start by saying this, playing with my food will get you cut!

A vile pig recorded himself peeing on a conveyor belt at the Kellogg cereal factory plant he worked at in South Memphis, TN. Let that sink in. 

The stomach-churning incident happened in 2014 & the company had no idea about it until the video surfaced online- 2 years later!!! I am 100% willing to bet those contaminated products made it to the shelves where unassuming consumers would have purchased and consumed them by now.

Who knows how many other times this has happened before or after that. If it can happen at a reputable company like Kellogg, it can (& probably has) happened anywhere! 

This guy probably never would have been “exposed” if the video hadn’t found its way to Worldstar where it’s been viewed over 500k times. Sick. Disgusting. Uncool. 

I wonder if he submitted the video himself hoping to gain some sort of notoriety. Hopefully it will gain him a lot of prison time.

I’ve never wished jail on anyone, but they need to find this guy and lock his ass up!  

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According to Fortune:

Kellogg said that a criminal investigation is underway into a man seen urinating into cereal at one of its factory assembly lines after a video of the 2014 incident surfaced online last week and went viral.

The company found out on Friday about the graphic “not-suitable for work” video, that has now been seen almost 500,000 on the World Star Hip Hop site, and immediately informed law enforcement, Kellogg told Fortune in a statement. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigation is conducting a probe and the company is conducting an internal investigation. Kellogg said it is still working to identify the individual in the video.
Kellogg spokesperson Kris Charles told Fortune:

“Food quality is of the utmost importance to Kellogg Company. We are outraged by this completely unacceptable situation” 

Kellogg said that any potentially affected product (mostly Rice Kripsies Treats) would be very limited in quantity and past their expiration dates.

Female Store Clerk Chases Off Robber With Her Bare Hands And A Hammer


Georgia gas station employee fought off would be robber with her bare hands and a hammer.

This female might be one of the toughest chicks I’ve seen in awhile. She brought a hammer to the gunfight. Talk about badass! 

A would be robber came into to the Keysville Convenience Store on employee Bhumika Patel’s shift with intensions of sticking up the place. Instead of getting away with the cash, he ended up getting attacked by the fiesty lady clerk. Ultimately, he was chased out of the store by Patel and her hammer. LOL!
Here’s the gist:

The teenager waltzed into the gas station shop on Tuesday, picked up a can of Mountain Dew and approached the counter to pay for the soda. 

When Patel popped open cash register’s drawer to make change, the normal transition turned violent: the teen whipped out a gun from his hoodie pocket and pointed it at the clerk.


Patel told WFXG news after the stickup:

“I said, ‘Go ahead. You wanna shoot me? Go ahead.’” 

Patel credits her faith in a higher power for her stoic bravery in the ordeal:   

“I just believe strongly in my religion and my God, if he wants to save me, nobody can touch me,” she said. “That’s why I’m like, ‘No.’ I have my God everywhere with me.”

 “That’s why I’m like, ‘No.’ I have my God everywhere with me.”

Ohio Robber Tells Clerk “I’m Just Messing With You” After Failed Robbery 


A man in an armed robbery at an Ohio convenience store told the clerk, “I’m just messing with you,” after the clerk told him to get out of the store. 


The man, armed with a knife, was wearing a black mask over his face when he walked up to the clerk. The clerk can be heard asking the robber several times if he is kidding, and the robber responds, “No.” A moment later, the robber starts laughing, pulls off his face mask and says, “I’m just messing with you.”

The clerk yells at the robber to get out. He apologizes, and walks out.

The clerk said she recognized the robber by his eyeglasses and voice.

Wow! 😐 This guy must be the friendliest robber in crime land! For some, crime really DOESN’T pay!

Do you think this silly robber was really just “messing” around or was this really a horribly failed robbery attempt?

I think it’s important to notate that the store clerk was a female. Just FYI.

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