Update: 50 Cent Says Casting Is Coming Soon For Black Mafia Family Tv Series


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson producing new BMF series on Starz

Posting to his Instagram account, Fif shared a photo of the pilot episode outline and, in the caption, mentioned that the casting information would be coming soon. The story will center around Big Meech and his involvement with the Black Mafia Family, which was a large drug organization formerly based in Detroit. – via HotNewHipHop.com


As  previously reported, 50 has already secured the exclusive rights and official stamp of approval to produce the project from the leader of BMF, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory.


Sidenote: Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and my team about casting for the series set to premier on the STARZ network. Right now we’re playing the waiting game. It takes a significant amount of time to get the business side secured for a project of this magnitude. Once the script is written, casting is the next phase.

Back in December, I tweeted 50 to see if I could get any information about the casting calls. No updates were provided until about 6 months later.

At any rate, I am just thrilled to see the project moving forward.

Keep checking back in to The Pen Hustler for casting info as it becomes available. I will do my best to get it out there as soon as humanly possible.

Who do YOU think should portray Big Meech and his brother in the series?

If you are interested in casting for the series, please send me your info along with any pics or headshots and I will feature you on the site.

You never know, you could land you the role!

Send headshots/pics to: Features@ThePenHustler.com

50 Cent Still Working On ‘Black Mafia Family’ Project 

As you heard here a while ago, music mogul 50 Cent had obtained the movie rights to executive produce a film about the powerfully notorious Black Mafia Family, headed by Demetrius ‘Big Meech‘ Flenory & his older brother Terry ‘Southwest T‘ Flenory.

Well a couple of years has since passed with no updates on the project and some thought it was not going to happen, or at best– obviously at a standstill.

Hope was restored after gossip surfaced last week that he is in fact still working on the project, the picture above shows him with his maybe his writer? Business partner?

According to the Internet streets:

Rapper 50 Cent is quietly becoming one of the most POWERFUL men in Hollywood. His hit series POWER is now widely recognized as one of the BIGGEST HITS on cable TV. Well he’s got anothe hit on his hands.

50 acquired the rights to the Black Mafia Family’s stories, and hes creating a TV show about it. You already KNOW its going to be GOOD.

Well not everyone is happy about it. MediaTakeOut.com learned that there are whispers around Atlanta that 50 is refusing to consult with the heavy hitters in Atlanta on the BMF TV series, including T.I., Jeezy, and some well known ex-drug dealers. Although 50cent own the rights, people are chatting and tweeting their displeasure with him leaving out the enter core of BMF.

Now I’m not sure how true any of this gossip is, but it appears we will get a BMF production sometime in the future. If executed properly, 50 stands make a grip off of this project, as well as create a street classic that will live on forever.

50 seems like a very business savvy guy, I’m sure he’ll find the proper sources when it’s time. He has to get the streets to cosign this project, there is no other way.

Hopefully he will get the story straight from Big Meech & Terry themselves, that way we know it’s real. It’s been a lonnng time coming!

Check out this interview with Tonesa ‘Toni’ Welch, spouse of Southwest T, as she sheds some inside light on what the Black Mafia Family was all about. She says more than anything the brothers were always trying to help others, even if they went about it the wrong way.

She also gives insight into their next level plans for rebranding the BMF brand on the fashion & home decor scenes.

Check out her son’s website and cop you some goods!