Former Atlanta ClayCo Sheriff Victor Hill Ordered to Federal Prison

Former Clayton County sheriff Victor Hill
Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal Constitution

If you are from Atlanta you probably know about Victor Hill — at best you probably know of him. He’s definitely no stranger to controversy. His career in law enforcement included 4 terms and spanned almost 2 decades, beginning in 2005.

Hill’s time as sheriff in Clayton County, (known as ClayCo if you’re from Atlanta) south of Atlanta, has been riddled with controversy. On his first day as sheriff, he fired more than two dozen deputies. He also used a military tank on drug raids as part of a tough-on-crime message.

He was voted out of office in 2008, but won it back again in 2012 despite facing more than two dozen criminal charges in a corruption case. A jury later acquitted him of all 27 charges, including theft and giving false statements. That cleared the way for Hill to continue as sheriff.

Back in 2015 Hill escaped incarceration for the shooting of a female friend in an Atlanta area model home. He claimed the two were practicing police tactics when his service pistol accidentally discharged. He said the shooting was an accident. Investigators were not so sure about the accident claims due to Hill’s extensive safety training with firearms weapons. He was eventually charged with reckless conduct. The victim was hit in the abdomen and ended up in the hospital in critical condition. Hill ended up on probation and a $1000 fine.

Fast forward to now, the former ‘ClayCo’ sheriff has been prosecuted for violating inmate rights at the jail and is headed to the bing for the next 18 months. Despite having the high profile Drew Findling as his lawyer, he must report today.

I’ve always heard prison was the absolute worst but especially for former officers of law enforcement.

Imagine being locked up with the same kind of people you locked up.

On a serious note, they say prison is heavily gang populated. I wonder do former police officers and law enforcement prisoners form a little gang in there?

WSBTV ATLANTA — Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill must report to federal prison on Monday after he was found guilty of violating detainees’ rights.

Hill will have to report to FCI Forrest City Low in Forest City, Arkansas by noon today, according to federal court documents. FCI Forrest City Low is “a low-security facility with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp,” according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

A federal jury convicted Hill in October of violating the civil rights of six detainees at the Clayton County Jail. The government said Hill disregarded the detainees’ constitutional rights by putting them in restraint chairs for hours as punishment.

Hill’s attorney Drew Findling maintained that the former sheriff is innocent and filed an appeal in March after Hill was sentenced.

Earlier in May, Hill and his legal team filed a motion for him to stay out on bond while he appeals his case and move his self-surrender date to federal prison. 

U.S. District Court Judge Eleanor Ross, who presided over Hill’s trial, denied the motion.


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