Cash App Founder Bob Lee’s Killer Says He Used Cocaine and Attended Wild Sex Parties

Photo Credit: The San Francisco Standard

We’re still waiting on a tangible motive as to why Cash App founder Bob Lee was knifed down and left to die on a San Francisco street.

According to the news a suspect has been charged in connection to the murder. His alleged killer was a man who also worked in the tech industry. Nima Momeni, has been charged with his murder but the motive seems extremely suspicious.

Rumors of Bob Lee’s private life have surfaced with allegations of rampant cocaine use & sex fueled swinger parties for the elite. Honestly this is not surprising news and certainly nothing worthy of murder.

According to the investigation, the killer confessed that he stabbed Bob for “partying” with his sister who is married to a successful Bay Area plastic surgeon.

Um, this defense seems a bit insufficient. First of all, the sister is grown and second how does this warrant killing a man for something the sister was allegedly doing willingly? Makes no sense.

Most of us are wondering if there was something more dubious going on with Bob and the killer. Stabbings are so intimate and personal. Was there some kind of a strange love connection here? Did jealousy play a part in any of this? It just seems unreasonable that the brother would feel the need to defend his sister in this way. Not to mention she was married so it would make more sense for her husband to seek revenge, not the brother.

Surveillance caught chilling video of Bob Lee’s last moments alive. In the footage an injured Lee can be seen attempting to find help before collapsing and dying on the pavement near the Bay Bridge. What a horrible way to have to go.

His killer faces 26 years to life if convicted.

This story has grabbed headlines around the world, mainly due to the mystique surrounding it. We the people seem less interested in Bob Lee’s cocaine use or swinger lifestyle. We want the full tea about what happened and why he was killed.

I’ve always been infatuated with criminal activity amongst the upwardly mobile. One of my favorite shows, “Power, Privilege and Justice” was hosted by celebrity journalist Dominique Dunn. I would sit and watch marathons of the show including the reruns. I think for most of us it’s hard to imagine gaining success only to lose it all over lapse in judgement. Shows how fragile success and life is for that matter.

Check back for more updates as the story unfolds.

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