Rapper Future’s 6th Baby Mother Claims He is a Deadbeat Dad

Rapper Future seems to always be at odds with the alleged mothers of his multiple children.

This time his 6th alleged “baby mama” IG model Eliza Reign is upset again claiming the Pluto rapper is ducking his responsibilities (aka not paying child support) as a father to their 5 month old daughter.

The Internet is not letting up on Eliza accusing her of clout chasing since she is the 6th alleged baby mother and was supposedly aware of Future’s antics before getting knocked up.

During the early parts of her pregnancy, she took to social media and accused the Dirty Sprite rapper of putting a hit out on her in order to rid himself of her and the unborn baby.

Once the baby was born, she said that she and the rapper were in communication and that he was making promises to take care of the baby’s finances.

Last month she recanted again, called him a deadbeat father, filed for child support and a paternity test from the courts.

The two have since posted multiple subliminal shots back and forth on Instagram with Future claiming “hoes stole his last name” (and gave it to the kids) and that Eliza was “for the streets”

He also advised her to “start a GoFund Me and get a lawyer”

Most recently Future took his 5th baby mama, Joie, on a Caribbean vacation and bought her expensive bling & things for her birthday.

Shortly after the lavish soirée photos hit the net, Eliza took to her IG live and lost it.

Eliza claimed she was not upset or jealous but that she just wanted to let it be known that he hasn’t given her not one red dime for their baby. She also insinuated that the rapper could enjoy the fondling of his hind parts.

Oh Chile. In the words of my grandmother, this ain’t nothing but some mess!

On a positive note, I think Eliza is pretty. She’s also a Virgo like me.

Do you think Future is a deadbeat for not helping out with the baby financially? Or is Eliza at fault for having a child, by her own admission, for someone who didn’t want her to have his child in the first place?

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